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Monday, July 16, 2012

Mini mandarin oranges

Normally you will see this mini mandarin oranges around Chinese New Year !! But recently I saw it appear at few places and a bit doubt on the sweetness... And the size a little bigger than the normal mini mandarin oranges selling during CNY...

To clear my curiosity, I grab one packet that cost me RM4.99 consist of 20 mini mandarin oranges.. A good deal? I'm not sure as the original price stated is RM6.99

I peel off the skin for the first one and put a slice into my mouth and bite... Wow !! surprisingly its so damn good.. The sweetness is great... No sour at all... and juicy.. What a worth of money !!!

Remember to eat so much !! Its will cause cough later !!
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  1. You even peel and arrange them nicely to take photos! HEHE :D I feel like having some too.

  2. The mini mandarin orange looks great! The way you took the photos makes them look like normal orange! Thanks for sharing.

    Updates: http://durian2land.blogspot.com/2012/07/durianland-twitter.html

  3. hahahaha, ur hand is large than the mini mandarin oranges, so cute^^


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