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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Australia Chicken Rice @ Gopeng

I never been to Australia and only tasted Malaysia roasted hainan chicken rice. So I'm not sure is this real Australia version of roasted chicken rice. Or the owner just simply create the name. Anyway, that's doesnt really a matter to me. 

I used to live in a small town named Gopeng whereby everything is limited. As I means not as much varieties compare to KL. Chicken Rice consider the most convenient food but hardly can find a good one especially Roasted.

There is a stall located in Lawan Kuda foodcourt operated by a family. This stall selling Roasted Chicken Rice and very good business especially during lunch time. 

The chicken is boneless, No matter you order with part (OK.. except chicken wing), they will remove the bone. So suitable for old folks with no teeth and kids too. If you dine-in, will added taugeh. But the chicken cut too small slices. So when eat, its doesnt feel like eating chicken rice. 

Roasted Chicken Rice
Roasted Chicken Rice with taugeh
The chicken texture is soft and juicy. The skin is smooth and little crispy. You can tell whether this so called Roasted chicken is Roasted or Fry. Its not easy to roast a chicken as must control the fire very good. Skill is very important. 

Roasted Chicken Rice
Chicken Rice
The chicken is not too butter or oily so its suitable for current people taste. There is slight aroma of ginger make the rice more fragrant and one spoonful isnt enough to taste. Accompanied with special made chilli sauce  and without it, eating chicken rice is incomplete. 

Roasted Chicken Rice
Australia Chicken Rice

A must is the special ginger paste. Ginger + Spring Onion + sesame oil. Oh gosh !! Perfect combination. 

Kopi Ice
The Chicken Rice only cost RM4.00, is this cheap? I think they just increase the price as few months ago, is about RM3.60 only.

P/S - photo shoot by HTC One X (wide screen)

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  1. Looks like a decent and reasonably priced chicken rice.


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