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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Totally Broke !!

I'm so broke.. totally broke.. why why why?? why this thing happen again?? Am i going to repeat my faith as last year???

This month is festive month.. so much weddings and so much celebration.. so much gifts and so much presents... so much so much... why at this month??

Last year i'm very broke at the end of 2007 until early 2008.. then my whole year luck is faded month by month.. seems like whole 2008 is something wrong for me.. just nothing is right.. sigh !! i hate 2008.. Many people like 2008 because of the number "8".. but but.. this 2008 for me is totally BROKE year...

Am I going to repeat this "nasib" for the year of 2009?? I really dont wish that... Please.. reduce celebration, reduce wedding and everything reduce ok.. I want my life back..


  1. hehehe, tat is life. Maybe next year better feng shui?

    Anyway, Merry Christmas(^^)

  2. 2008 is not a good year for me too. Let's hope next year will be a better year. God willing

  3. Don by shoes during chinese new year.
    Buy a pair of pants for CNY. Pants shound as 'fu' in Cantonese. So it brings good luck, i guess.....
    MErry Christmas!

  4. need to be wise in our spending for coming years

  5. Hahahah ~ Throw away all the sadness in 2008 and let's walk into 2009 with a big fat smile !

  6. CNY coming lo.
    go on diet, less shopping lo
    sure can survive one


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