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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kampar's Food Specialites !!

Every place there will be their own specialities which different from each other.. Kampar also same.. the food definitely can satisfy all the food hunter.. Early morning drive 30 - 45 min from my little kampung to this small town for a nice Breakfast really a worthy journey...

Kampar is a small town located somewhere hidden at Perak.. why I said its hidden?? This is because along the Plus HIghway, you wont find any landmark about this place.. unless the motorist take the old road from north to south or from south to north... that's why not many people know the existence of this place.... what a waste right??

(Fried Loh Mai Fan - RM1.50)

(Fried Koay Teow - the person sitting at a small chair to fried the noodle)

(I also not sure the name - but only available at Kampar)

(Assorted Yong Tau Fu)

(Chee Cheong Fun with red sauce - the sauce is different from KL type chee cheong fun)

(Let's the nature take it cause - to dry the chopstick)

If from KL, drive up to northern, exit at Tapah Highway and go along the old road heading to Ipoh.. drive about half and hour, you will reach Kampar town... There only two main roads and you will easily find the FOODCOURT..


  1. The food look tasty. I bet they came cheap as well

  2. My mom hometown at "more ben". I hope u know where I mean.
    When i was young, they said no exit to Kampar was becos of the Memorial Park (Cemetery).

  3. heard a lot abt kampar food. my friend's parents were selling porridge at kampar those days but now moved down to pj to stay with my friend


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