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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sun Yeong Wai - Ipoh !!

Think of roasted chicken and pork, I'm sure think of Sun Yeong Wai Restaurant... The best ever I think at Ipoh.. sorry ah. personally view only.. Whenever I go Ipoh and if if got time, sure dropby at here for my favourite.. The roasted all type of meat so juicy and tender... really nice... no wonder the business so good until expand lo.. hehe..

Location : Its at Ampang, Ipoh.. yeah ... Ipoh also got Ampang de... the restaurant just nearby the most famous Heong Piah at Ipoh.. okok..


  1. Looks delicious. How is the price looks like?

  2. Wan Wan is Joanne?
    Joanne is Wan Wan?
    Ya, my mom from Kopisan.

  3. The price ah.. not that sure coz normally not me the one paid.. but i know half of roasted chicken is RM13.00 lo..

  4. The roasted chicken is is is so juicy. Love it. Btw, I add ur link in my blogger friends(^^) Nice meeting u...

  5. hello..me also from IPOH.. where is this sun yeong wai? ampang ..? the corner coffeeshop? wow.. i must go la..
    pls visit my blog..perhaps we can share our eatery places...


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