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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kapal Korek - Bijih Timah

May I know in English call what???

Last week, went to back to home and my dad so excited said want to bring us see this "Kapal Korek" at Tualang.. hmmm... since never get close with this kapal korek before, so everyone is agree to give it a view... Its require RM5.00 for entrance fee... sound so expensive lo... But after the tour I think very worthy... There isnt much left nowadays.. So if wanna see.. better be hurry...

Inside there is a small and mini muzeum.. Display those very old old equipment for the biji timah and getah (rubber)... Is very valuable to educate the new generation...

Then proceed to visiting the inside of the "Kapal Korek"... Before enter, we saw a "Dilarang Masuk" sign at the entrance.. Thought want to leave but the staff told us, we may enter but cannot go up to level 2 and so onwards... ok.. I tot paid RM5.00 per person only can see outside.. hahaha

Since this is the first time be inside.. and nobody there to explain to us.. so everything is by our imagination lo... So many machine inside.. Dont know what is all about.. just enjoy la...

There are few signs like below that remind on the worker about the safety while working... some is label for the machines I think.. hehehe... Anyway, these sign seems very new paint lo.. doesn't look like very long time ago...

Finally, I know why there is "Bahaya ! Dilarang Masuk" sign at the entrance.. The kapal korek is badly damage... Its already "senget" one side already... So now the management is finding some way to maintain it.. Its not easy lo.. Coz this kapal cannot simply move.. many part of the kapal starting to damage....

Hopefully its can maintain very well and as long as possible... I think local government should support this treasure lo... unfortunately.. seems like nothing in progress....


  1. This is really a nice museum. Never thought it exist. We study a lot about bijih timah in our history lesson and to see the real thing is something to be behold

  2. mana tempat?
    Near Gopeng or not?

  3. about 1/2 hours drive from gopeng...

    go to batu gajah then go to tualang that way.. you will see the signboard for this kapal korek de lo..

  4. ooo, very interesting! Rarely see kapal korek these days. Yup, better go and hv a look b4 really gone..

  5. i just know the activity is called "tin mining".....can i call the kapal korek, "tin mining ship" ?? bleh!


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