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Friday, September 5, 2008

Avril Lavigne - Live In Malaysia 2008

Date : 29th August 2008
Venue : Merdeka Stadium
Time : 8.45 pm (Official), 9.15 pm (Delayed)
Artist : Avril Lavigne
Concert : The Best Damn Tour - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Finally, the concert was successfully held.. and Avril Lavigne performance really great.. provided if she allowed to jump around.. then will be 100& perfect.. hehehe... I was amazed by her beauty (even though i just look at her through the big screen), and her live performance.. really great.. her singing almost same as album.. even though she run here and there but the voice and melody didn't run at all.. not much ASIAN artist can perform like her.... (own opnion only.. ok)

(2 tickets - one for me and one for my sis, Lavigne envelope)

The concert suppose start at 8.45pm as advertise but hor.. dunno why delay until 9.15pm start lo.. haihzz.. all the fans still waiting patiently.. hehe.. even with rain....

(organizer stick all this notice outside stadium)

When i arrive the stadium around 7.50pm, still got slightly rain and we not allowed to bring in umbrella.. need to put it LOST & FOUND section... when i queue to put my umbrella, i "ngam ngam cham cham" said so stupid ler.. raining also not allow to bring in umbrella.. so happen there was a RELA guard walked by me heard what i said... so he replied me lo.. "they just scare got ppl fight, we will provide u the raincoat".. OMG.. rain mah now.. luckily is slight if more? then how? ur stupid raincoat can tahan de meh.. SHIT..

(all leftover cheap raincoat after concert - become rubbish)

Paid RMxx.xx (free seating) for the concert.. the seat really.. haihzz.. wonder ppl paid double my price how they feel?? hehehe..... old stadium ma.. cannot expect much de la.. dulu mana ada plastic chair de? right? all concrete or wood de lo...

(my seating row - find myself coz free seat)

(all the row number stick at the so-called "tangga")

(my shoes - proof me is sitting at that row)
(dont ask me to proof that is my shoes - hehe)

Avril Lavigne did claimed that 10,000 ticket had been sold for this concert... and some said the concert ticket almost sold out (probably 70%).. but hor.. inside the stadium seems a bit empty lo.. may be some afraid PAS protest campaign or not alert that this concert oledi approved... so buy ticket oledi and dont turn up.. got 10,000 audiences ah? dunno.. take a look...

(around 8.10pm - when i enter the stadium)
(clever group - use the hotlink big banner to cover)

(around 8.15pm - still not much ppl at the most expensive price - standing zone)

(around 8.20pm - same zone as me - to my left)

(around 8.25pm - same zone as me - to me left)

(around 8.40pm - damn expensive zone start crowded)

(around 8.45pm - to me right)
(after the fence HOTLINK zone)

(around 8.45pm - opposite me - sorry a bit blur)

(some people choose not to join the crowd)

(a bunch of foreigner - teenager)

(a fan - wrong color - i tot is PINK? hahaha)

(in front of me - sigh - damn sien man)

Sorry ah.. too enjoy the concert so no snapping during Avril Lavigne singing on stage ah.. hehe.. overall the concert really keng la.. really "The Best Damn" concert.. hahahaha...

(finish lo - everybody start to leave jor)

to proof i at this concert.. posting my photo lo.. hehehe.. no edit no photoshop de ah.. original.. nowhere can get .. kakaka...

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