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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Multi-Purpose Insurans (MPIB) Run 2015

Date : 11th January 2015
Venue : Padang Merbok
Route : 5km/9km/12km run

It was my first run in 2015 (second time participate in MPIB). The first was in MPIB 2014. I will be take a break for a while due to upcoming tight schedule. 12km is still quite difficult for me even thought been start to run since mid 2013. As for now, I didnt keep training due to busy so this 12KM really quite heavy for me.. 

Well, since already registered, I have to complete it and I plan just do a slow jog or walk only... Yup !! I know I'm waste the objective of RUN event as since I registered it last year, there is not way I cancel it.. Haihzz.. The timing really bad as I really cant hold that long even a slow jog... Shame on myself.. That's why I want to stop joining any marathon event until I start to train myself back..

Multi-Purpose Insurans Run 2015
Selfie at starting line

Multi-Purpose Insurans Run 2015
Selfie with crowd at starting line

Multi-Purpose Insurans Run 2015
So early YAWN !!

Multi-Purpose Insurans Run 2015
My TIMING !! So BAD !!

Multi-Purpose Insurans Run 2015
Photo BOOTH with playful tool

Multi-Purpose Insurans Run 2015
Just by walking, I can get medal

Multi-Purpose Insurans Run 2015
Tugu Peringatan Negara

Multi-Purpose Insurans Run 2015
I definitely will be BACK !! Wait me !!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Black Canyon Coffee @ AEON Taman Maluri

Malaysia (even big city like KL) not a wheel-chair friendly place.. Most of shopping malls are not design to cater for wheel-chair movement... So to bring my dad go out walk walk with his wheel-chair really a headache... Mostly, I need to go that place do some survey first and need to pick time whereby not crowded..

Since that reason, choice to dine-in very limited... That day, I'm craving for some spiciness and coffee, so think of Black Canyon do offer reasonable price of set meal.. and I like their signature coffee ice.. Yum Yum !!

My first pick definitely their signature coffee... Coffee Ice with some coffee sprinkle on top to add-in the ummmph !!.. Yeah !! Always my favourite but this time at this outlet ..... really disappointing !! The coffee too milky.. Luckily the coffee flakes otherwise I feel like drinking tea... Hope the quality is not dropping...

Iced Black Canyon Coffee - RM10.90

Since we got 3 peoples (but mainly my sister and I can finish the 2-3 pax set meals so we choose set B instead of set A.. What is the different? Set B is RM31.90 and Set A is RM29.90.. The different is set B is basil chicken with egg while set A is sweet sour chicken... 

Basik Chicken with two eggs
Every since I been to Bangkok, I in love with Chicken Basil.. The smell of basil so fragrant and taste good when eat.. With some chilli, the chicken become so tasty... Look carefully, it is not mince meat, they cut the chicken into very small small chunk only... Thumb ups !! 
AEON Maluri
Fried Mix Vegetables
 The stir fried vegetable doesnt disappointed and I can feel the "wok hei"... Yup pretty good for this and the portion is good enough... 

Seaweed Chicken Ball Soup
The soup is just a normal soup with few chicken ball, cabbage and seaweed.. Luckily it is not salty... So consider is good too.. You can choose Tomyam soup but since my dad cant take spicy, so we choose this clear soup just for him... 

AEON Maluri
My sister so happily with the meal

My dad and me
Simple and satisfy meal... One thing I want to mention is should be since January 2015, AEON Maluri implement a rule that no smoking inside or within the premise.. Why I said so? We sat at non air-con area but the waiter told people NO SMOKING.. and even notice is everywhere.. yet those smoker didnt see it..

Monday, January 12, 2015

Past 2014 and Present Future 2015 !!

Looking back my 2014, it really a big leap in my life as I bought my 1st property. In this hectic world with fixed income (only 1 job), I believe quite impossible to have better living. So dont think about owning a property. 

Toward the end of 2013, I lost one family member and it a sad ending for 2013. And the sadness continue to 2014 whereby whole family needs to get use and stand up to continue living happily. Its not an easy task for me as I need to set a very good example for everyone so that the sorrow will goes away faster. 

GOD treat us very well and help us go through it with a great surprise. Around March 2014, while window shopping, we bump into a property promotion and its hit into our heart. After did all the survey, we decided to buy it. Our cash really limited and after calculate here and there, finally we manage to paid the DEPOSIT !! Phew !! Since March 2014 till now, from survey, paid deposit, withdraw from KWSP, received letter to take key, submit defect, renovation and now last step shopping for furniture to move in.. Really a new thing to us.. A great learning process !! 

I remembered when I went do survey about renovation, those contractors very well-explained about all the works but with those construction term which I first heard, give me headache.. This is where acting part takes place. I have to pretend know (at least little bit) so that the contractor will not quote me high price. 

Term like power coat, under-mount, T5, tiles is 2 x 2 or 2 x 1? and how many feet/inch.. Heard those term in Cantonese making me harder to search the term in Internet whereby I dont know type Mandarin.. So Googling making it harder to get English term.. Well !! I survive through it.. 

Moving to a new area soon (Target is 1st Feb 2015) is another challenge for me as I need to explore where to eat, convenient shop, supermarket, clinic, electric shop and etc.

I'm moving to another stage of life !! Great year ahead !! Cheers !!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tappers Cafe @ The Sphere Bangsar South

I remembered I been to The Shpere about two years ago where I fetched my friend back home. Only I know there is such a nice place to hang out.. Now, this whole area really develop alots.. Its will become high class area... Great places to hang out if you wish to avoid crowd.. Bangsar South !!

The Sphere
I so enjoyed the Giant size Chicken Chop

My sister was craving for chicken chop so we dropby Tappers Cafe for their set lunch which I consider quite reasonable price.

Lemon Honey
Lemon Honey Juice and Ice Lemon Tea

Bangsar South
Hainan Chicken Chop
Both chicken chop really huge and have 2 pieces.. Crispy outside and tender/juicy inside.. The vegetable portion (carrot/potato/coleslaw/french fries) really generous..

The Sphere
BBQ Chicken Chop

Tappers Cafe The Sphere
My sister stunt looking at Chicken Chop

Overall, its quite satisfy meals as the chicken chop is two piece.. Really huge.. Around RM15.00 per set.. Set include main dish + drink...

Friday, January 2, 2015

1st Brunch @ That Latte Place

It was first day of year 2015. The first thing in mind after woke up, is the donation for East Coast Flood Victim.. I need to go to hypermarket to buy things and the nearest should be Giant Taman Connaught.. Suppose to eat McDonald but when arrived, oppss.. there is IKON Connaught.. YES !! Got better choice to food.. So my sister and I opt for great food to give it a start, so we choose That Latte Place

Ikon Connaught
Breakfast for TWO on 2015
This name caught my attention a year back when they origin place is at Persiaran Ritchie, Ampang.. Didnt have change to dropby there until I heard it close and move to Subang.. yeah !! Now it open an outlet nearby my staying.. Great !!

Apple Caramel Coffee
Apple Caramel Coffee - RM10.00
I think they put apple cider/vinegar into the coffee instead of apple juice because it taste little sour.. The combination makes the caramel taste doesnt that strong.. If you expect too sweet due to caramel, but no worry, the apple does it balancing... For those like to try new thing, worth to give it a shot..

Latte - RM9.00

That Latte Place
Breakfast with Bacon - RM20.00
Breakfast with Bacon is most popular in the menu as its consist varieties like two sunny side up eggs, a slice of toast, bacon, sautee mushroom, potatoes, sausage.. The bacon taste quite salty.. So have to eat with others... I like the potatoes and the sautee mushroom...
House Egg Ben - RM18.00
 This should be 2nd popular in the menu.. I really like poached egg but this is not done in free-hand style.. It cook using mould that is why the overall texture still very nice.. The benefit of using mould is the prevent wastage of white egg.. And also need a lots of skill to make a good and perfect poached egg,,,

A toast, bacon, sautee mushroom, poached egg with hollandaise sauce..

Big Breakfast
Happy New Year to my sister

Egg Benedit
My favorite Egg Ben in 2015
Happy New Year 2015 !!!

Photo taken by HTC ONE X
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