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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thanks "U"

First time felt sick in front of "U"..

Its happen yesterday [24/03/2010]. Early morning woke up, I felt my throat so pain and a bit fever.. Wanted to MC but thinking of work then cancel that mind.. so get myself dress up and ready to office.. feel dont want to inform "U" but scare later u get angry.. coz I dont want to bother "U" that much.. But I better be honest..

Arrived office, my sickness increasing so no choice but seek for doctor advice.. Never thought panel doctor will issued MC.. But doesnt feel want to apply that MC as my section doesn't seems enough ppl to support.. I feel that I quite "pening" and "U" insist me to MC so ok la..

But never thought you taking half day leave because of my little sickness.. I'm really happy that "U" concern about me that much.. at the other way, I'm worry that am I that worthy for "U" to do that? "U" taking care me very well.. I feel myself giving you much trouble..
I feel i'm top of the world.. feel the happiness around me.. "U" really bring joy to my world !!


  1. you really feel that you bother " him "?why you always think negative?
    why you can't think that " he " is enjoy and ready to do it for you?
    in two ppl world actually cannot compare this and that..but cares..you know?you no worry la.." he " will never say no and will take good care of you all the time..believe me...one more thing,i realize that you always lost confident when you're with " him ".please don't feel that and be more confident ok?

  2. I really no confident to myself.. especially in front of "U"..

    I always think "AM I GOOD ENOUGH?" [i know i'm not].. "HOW CAN I DO BETTER?" [whereas i'm never been better]

    But i do enjoy to be with "U"...


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