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Monday, March 1, 2010

Its Complicated !!

In Relationship... really sound good.. But in fact.. want to maintain a relationship is not that easy.. Really involve alots of tolerance.. even though the Give and Take doesn't really balance.. But but.. at least have to be balance in mentally..

I need to consider the other Half's feeling whatever I act or talk.. Because once simply.. the consequences will be HUGE.. Its seems like I'm starting to lost MYSELF... in the middle of the jungle, like goin nowhere... where am I suppose to be???

Afraid of losing "U" but more afraid of losing "MYSELF".. being involve in two peoples world.. doesnt really mean I need to sacrifice my own "LIFE"? Certain level of control is needed but please be reasonable.. I'm adult.. I know what am I doing.. I know where is the "LIMIT"... If you dont trust me.. Then i really dunno how to proof it to you... Its you no confident to yourself..

"U" also have know where is the my "LIMIT".. dont test my patient.. I'm appreciate your care.. but when there is over means really exceed my patient...

Please be considerate where I'm standing...

1 comment:

  1. i agree with u.. starting a relationship is easy.. but to maintain one, is pricey. I think, any relations will break if one party is BLIND JEALOUSY...


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