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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Unicorn Cafe Melaka

During my 19th/20th Dec 2015 Melaka trip, I went to Unicorn Cafe for my nyonya food meal. Mostly tourist will opt for famous restaurant like Nancy's Kitchen Restaurant, Restaurant Nyonya Makko or Donald & Lily's nyonya food. But I choose Unicorn Cafe because of reasonable price (cheap) and without any taxes. It recommended by a blogger Rebecca Saw. 

Its truly a no regret to dine-in here because the food taste awesome. Its located at Jalan Melaka Raya 10 in the middle of the shop row. I arrived there about 2.pm and only 1 table with 5 diners. The whole lorong really quiet and by normal you wont walk-in there. I think only meant for local people. Unless you are very adventure traveller or an explorer. 

Melaka cendol
My sister enjoying the cendol
Cendol should come last but its the only picture with people so I put it at the top. My sister very lazy to snap picture so mostly I post picture of her... My sister so enjoy the cendol which we tasted the best so far.

Simple menu
A very simple menu which contains two pages. If you dont understand what is Seh Bak, dont worry, there is simple description of the dish. 

Unicorn Cafe
Simple Menu 2
5 pai tee for RM4.00 serve in a small tray with super spicy chili sauce. IMPORTANT NOTE - Dont wait too long to eat it as it wont crispy.

The skin cup is crispy. Filing with sengkuang, slice omelet top with parsley. Put little chile sauce, one bite into mouth.. Oh gosh !! So delicious !!

Pai Tee
Melaka quite famous with it popiah as pork lard is one of the ingredient. Its quite different version from Ipoh's version. Ermm.. which one do I like? I prefer Ipoh version but Melaka's version taste good too.

The popiah skin very soft and thin so you wont feel you are biting a piece of flour. Its like thin slice of omelet. One bite to it freshness due to cucumber and another bite to it crispy due to the pork lard... SATISFACTION !!

I think the chili sauce is same for popiah and pai tee.  

RM5.50 for this two popiahs, what to complain? Just eat la !!!


RM9.90 for each of below rice set, again !! What to complain? Just eat la !!! Look at the sambal chili.. Dont play play, it quite spicy... Delicious !! Taste of homemade !!

Two persons meal
PongTeh is something like braised meat with tauchoo sauce. Yes !! taste like tauchoo. Any other ingredient? I'm not sure. The broth very thick and the flavour very complicated. Cook toward the perfection. The meat is tender. Pork (half fat half thin) + one potato (cut into half) + few mushrooms.

PongTeh Babi - RM9.90 set
Curry Chicken - this is quite good. Its taste doesnt look like curry but instead mixture of many many ingredient such as chili, onion, ginger, lemongrass and etc. So good... Must order !!

Curry Chicken Debal - RM9.90

Compimentary a small bowl of mix vegetable of curry lemak. Taste good as the lemak didnt over and the aroma makes the dish goes up to another level... So good !! Thumbs up !!

Curry Lemak Vegetables - Complimentary
Ignore all the cendol stall at Jonker Street/Walk or recommended in travel book. Those are expensive and inconsistent. Those need to wait long Q, Q at roadside with sunshine, self service, stand to eat or sharing table with stranger. 

This just RM3.50 and you can comfortably enjoy a bowl of great Gula Melaka Cendol. Yes Yes Yes, no air-con. So what? You rather Q at roadside with the sun?? 

This is quite a big bowl - cendol, small red bean, gula melaka and santan - the combination is perfect. Each and every ingredient play it own role and doesnt overtake each other. Worthy to give it a try !!

Cendol - RM3.50
If you just want to drive there and has a bowl of cendol, parking shouldnt be a problem. There are plenty of empty parking lot along the Jalan Melaka Raya 10. If you lucky enough, park infront of Unicorn Cafe, just a few steps, you can enjoy this delicious and reasonable price nyonya food meal.

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