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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

三间庄猪肉丸粉 @ Jalan Ipoh

My first taste of this type Pork Noodle at Win Heng Seng Jalan Imbi and delicious but just a little salty.. Otherwise no complain..

My cousin always told me there is one super delicious pork noodle around her area and claim to be ONLY ONE without other branch... I wonder what type of pork noodle until like so many AA version outside...

Finally able to dropby... Ohhh.... I told my cousin, just exactly like what I had at Jalan Imbi.. But the taste far away different from the one I had... This one taste more porkie because they use pork oil.. Taste not that heavy...

The saltiness - I rate 3 for this and 7 for Jalan Imbi.. So which one you prefer?

Stall outlook
23 Hours operation
Pork Noodle
Pork Ball
Dry version
 The best is DRY version so minced pork can mix well with the soy sauce and taste better...

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