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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gangnam Station @ Sungai Wang Plaza

Heard of Oppa Gangnam Style? yeah !! I'm not sure this Gangnam Station is related to PSY but its a korean restaurant located at 6th Floor Sungai Wang Plaza...

I bought a voucher cost RM29.00 for 3 person to dine-in and consists of :-

1. Spicy Korean BBQ set (choose between PORK or CHICKEN)
2. Three side dishes (max 1 refill)
3. Vegetable
4. Steam Egg
5. Kimchi Fried Rice
6. Green Tea

Since unable to find 3rd person to share the meal, my sister and I need to "kosongkan" our stomach to fill up 3 persons portion... lol... Really full due to the portion really can fit 3 persons and if small eater then can fit 4 peoples....

Gangnam Station Sungai Wang
Interior Gangnam Station
The interior looks simple and youngster feel.... Decorated with few famous Korean artist and group like Big Bang... There is a long blackboard for customer to write whatever they wishes...

Gangnam Station Sungai Wang
A bottle of warm Green Tea
Its provide a roasted rice green tea... nice to drink after heavy meals... Its refillable as just pour hot water only...

Gangnam Station Sungai Wang
Steam Egg
 I like steam egg.. There is different kind of steam egg among Chinese, Japanese and even Korean... All has their own unique.... In love with Korean steam egg... Wonder how they do it?

Gangnam Station Sungai Wang
Fresh Vegetable
 Even though I didnt order BBQ, but this free vegetable I pair with the spicy bbq set, just nice...

Gangnam Station Sungai Wang
Gochujang samgyeobsal (PORK)
A little disappointment as I thought we got chance to cook it ourselves... Unfortunately, the waitress help us to cook at another side.... By the way, this portion really enough for more than 2 pax... Ingredient consist cabbage, carrot, pork, rice cake and onion... Its super delicious.... No regret I order the PORK... 
Gangnam Station Sungai Wang
Kimchi Fried Rice
This fried rice is yummy but if you like seaweed... The seaweed taste too strong until overcome the kimchi taste.. The rice too soft until its mixed together... I think they use fresh rice to fried this.. Fresh means just cook and within a minutes they fried it... Too much water...

Gangnam Station Sungai Wang
My sister - not sure what expression

Gangnam Station Sungai Wang
Pork pair with fresh vege
 The normal price for this set is RM35.00... I think its worthy and enough to fit 4 girls with small eating... :)

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