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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Roadside Burger Stall @ Jalan Sultan Ismail

I always fancy about roadside burger stall. Its so local, so Malaysian, so delicious where you hardly can find it any other part in the world. I'm not denying that other type of burger (Mc or BK) also delicious. But localized burger has their own uniqueness.

I still remembered when I still young, around standard 6 to primary 3, my all time favorite supper would be burger. Ayam satu bang !! Benjo dua tak mau tak mau bawang !! cool !! The taste little different from as last time didnt use mayonnaise. Probably my kampung style as we think it is expensive. And the way they cook the egg in Ayam Special also different. Previously is in Benjo style. Probably due to save time as Benjo need more time to cook. 

Nearby my office, there is one roadside burger very popular among the working adult. During lunch time around 12.00pm until 2.00pm is the peak hour. You have to wait at least 15 mins to be ready. Its worthy to give it a try. 

Roadside Burger Stall
Roadside Burger Stall
The stall located the building next to Wisma Standard Chartered Jalan Sultan Ismail. Its in front of the 7-11 shop. Foreigner also interested with our local burger. So how about you?

Roadside Burger Stall
Roadside Burger Stall
The man behind the stall. He taking order, cook burger, give instruction which customer's burger is ready, give instruction to prepare the ingredient (cutting vege and prepare sauces). He has good memory and fast service too even so pack of customer order. 

The burger meat cook with 4 types of sauces as you can see at the top bar. Added two sauces (chillies + mayonnaise) with bread. The meat is very fragrant when he cook it. Generous right with those sauces?

Roadside Burger Stall
Roadside Burger Stall

Sorry for not so environmentally friendly due to plastic bag is in use. Ramly brand of burger, so wrapping paper also be use with same brand. Ramly meat patty is widely use around Malaysia. But I'm not sure about East Malaysia. 
Roadside Burger Stall
Chicken Special with Cheese - RM4.50
Ayam Special with Cheese - RM4.50. The cheese wasted as it didnt place properly and melted. So it all stick at the paper. Sigh !!. Even though alots mayo and chily sauce but it didnt cover the meat flavour. The meat patty cook with 4 sauces and still very nice aroma. 

A bit weird is, the egg isnt wrap the meat as usual. Even though it layer on top of the meat, the taste still good. But if the egg can be thicker then will be better.

Roadside Burger Stall
After two bite of Chicken Burger

I finish the burger within 2 mins, fast? LOL.. hungry.. TIPS !! When eating this type of burger, remember becareful as the sauce will dipping. Enjoy !!

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  1. Looks like one need to brave the hot weather for a decent burger.


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