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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Doraemon World 2012 Genting Highlands

Date - 01/02/2012
Venue - Areana of Stars , Genting Highland
Time - 10.00am to 10.00pm
Theme - Doraemon World 2012 Genting Highland

Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Takeshi, Suneo - Sound familiar? Yeah yeah !! Watch Doraemon cartoon since kid... Its my all time favourite... How can I miss the chance to meet them in person? Lol.. So head up to hill and be near with them... I so excited..

Entrance fees cost me RM35.00 plus one limited edition Touch n Go (TnG) card.. yeah.. This Doraemon Card is one my reason I must go to Doraemon World 2012 at Genting .... If you are Genting Cardholder, will be pre-loaded RM5.00 lo..

 Cool? The very limited edition Touch n Go Doraemon Card !!

I arrived at around 11.00am.. Since its Wednesday - Wilayah holiday , so not much people... So lucky.. Yet still there is waiting time.. This is due to the carnival separate in few section and the first section need tour guide... I waited about half n hour then its my turn... Yeah...

 Giant Doraemon at main entrance ! Yeah !!

Entering the imagination world !!

All the Doraemon characters will accompany you while waiting for you turn !!
Queuing never been so boring !!

Opps !! Doraemon kissing me??
Or I'm stealing his kiss?

Entering the first section which is the replica of the Doraemon's gang house like Nobita bedroom, Nobita dining room and Suneo living room.. At this section, there is a tour guide bring us around and explain to us some of the little info... If you want to snap picture, must be fast as there only few minutes then the light will be off... So just point and shoot...
  Opppsss.. I'm in the comic book !!

Comic World !!
Am I become smaller? Why the book bigger than me?

The door lead me to the better world !!

Off light !! Nobita Dining Room !!

Nobita Bedroom !!
Doraemon come of from the table !!

Whos house?? ermmm !!!
Where is Doraemon???
Why Nobita sit so far from Shizuka?

Time Machine that can bring you to any world you want?
Can I go back to Ming and Ching Dynasty?
How about go to 21/12/2012 to see whether really The End of The World as per Mayan calendar stated?

 The perfect match !!
When will I get mine?
When is my fate arrive?

Siapa ni? The only mascot for the day !!

Nobita father and mother !!
Eh !! Why I senget?
But I look so slim in this picture !! lol...

 So funny !!

This should be the exact size for my little Doraemon !!
Little Doraemon in the town !!

This is my favourite because when exam sure get A ..
Use this slice of bread copy a page of book and eat, then can remember all the things...
Doesnt need to read book...
Great great great !!
Can I have it in this real world?

Time Machine !!
I want I want I want !!

All the Mascot performing at 1pm, 5pm and 8pm..
Only those lucky able to snap picture with them...
Am I the lucky one?

RM1288.00 for this giant Doraemon !!

This carnival only until 5th February 2012... So if got chance, do head up the hill !!


  1. so cute! :D got other tools from its pocket to be displayed there?

    Latest: Must-Eat Before CNY Ends!

  2. niceee! i wanna go! TT
    did they play their song "ang ang ang....." as the background music? LOL

  3. OMG they are so cute! iwas once a doraemon fan :D


  4. OMG! I never knew there's something like this!!! Doraemon's so cute!!!


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