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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nandos @ Times Square

Actually its a late post !! Pre-Valentine mean with loves one really nice.. Oh oh oh !! hahaha.. Simple delicious meal at nice environment with close one... This call perfect...

This is the best Nandos I ever been.. Actually I only been to few outlets (Times Square, Pavillion and Puduraya) and Times Square outlet is the best visit ever... Nice decoration, friendly staff and great taste of food...

You may wonder what so friendly? You will greet by a staff that station at the entrance, then when you bring to your desired seat, everyone will shout in (not sure what language) and you feel you are so welcome.. The decoration of this outlet is very different from other outlets.. probably this decor is latest trend for Nandos... Presentation of the food also look delicious...

Happy Valentine 2012 !!

 Soup of the day !!
Chicken Cream Soup
Super delicious lo.. you can taste the chicken chunk and that's a lots...
Pudina leaves + Lime = Perfect crush
The Chicken grill in so perfect that really no oil..
The grill vegetable also at perfect...
You may choose your own flavour...
My favourite is Mild Peri Peri
 There are 3 to 4 sauces for you to choose and its depends on your spicyness

The Interior..
Happy Valentine from staff !!

Located at LG floor.. You will see alots of cafe and restaurant at that side.. Be sure what you choose and dont go to the wrong door.. Enjoy !!


  1. Tried Nandos a few times and I find it not bad (: but sometimes the portion is tad small for my big tummy hehe

  2. yummy :D love the pudina with lime, must be really refreshing!

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  3. hmmm, the peri peri hot and another higher level, i forgot what izit call ad.. aren't that nice for me personally! >.< got a bit sour one rite? taste weird for me. haha

  4. Nandos.. hmm.. been ages since I last had one, I kinda forget how they taste like -.-

  5. Wah... Valentine at Nando.. I celebrate my valentine with Clock only..

  6. Hi soulesscloudy,

    Bom Dia! (Good Day or Good Morning in Portuguese)

    Just popping by to say hi and that we're glad you've had a good time at Nando's Berjaya Times Square.

    Hope to see you again soon!

    Peri Regards,
    Marketing Department
    Nando's Malaysia


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