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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet Fresh @ Times Square (Closed)

Location - Center Court Lower Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square

Everyone sure heard of SNOWFLAKE whereby long queue all the time.. yeah yeah !! Not really all the time but most of the time... But no worry.. If dont wish to queue up but wish to have the similar dessert... Meet Fresh might satisfy your craving... At least a little...

This is my first time and for me its just another rival or can I say copycat of Snowflake?? Not sure who is the first invented this type of dessert.. May be someone able to tell me...

Let you know your order can collect at counter

Dont misunderstand !! Look carefully..
I'm not biting the beeper

Q Mochi - RM8.90
So Q Q Q Q...

Soya Series (Taro+Red Bean+Pearl) - RM6.50
Soya Ice Blended cover with TauFuFah..
Nice nice...

Do you notice what is the different between the upper bowl (mine) and the below bowl (taken from Meet Fresh website)? Name is the same but mine less one things.. And now I wonder that missing ingredient not TARO? Then TARO means yam?? I really want to know?

A little disappointed look with my eye dark circle also appear due to I dont get my sweet potato mini ball lo..


  1. haha! so cute of u ~ niway, first time knowing this place.. Snowice desserts are branching everywhere , dont u think so?;/

  2. This one look nice.. must try their ONE U branch soon..

  3. i havent try that shop yet! but the beeper really looks different! but someone should come out with a new idea instead of keep using beeper ler! haha


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