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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Indulge Cafe - Kuchai Lama (Closed)

Venue - Kafe Indulge
Location - Kuchai Business Park, Off Kuchai Lama
Direction - I dont know how to tell, but you may goo gle around.. many blogs give a good guide...
Time - 5.15pm

Its out of sudden, our lovely PM declared 31th December 2010 is a holiday "sempena" our victory of the AF Suzuki against Indonesia... So went to Petaling Street for little walk and had satisfied snack.... Out of sudden think of the Milk Crepe Cake so why not give it a try... Without second thought, drove to Kuchai Lama and searching for the cafe which I not sure where it is...

Since its not lunch or dinner time... so there isn't any customers around... There are two parking lots specially for customer in front of the cafe... great... Actually its weird as only two of us....

The food we orders as follow.. Since my main intention is the crepe cake, so we ordered light meal just to satisfy our cravings.. Probably next time for more trials...

Lime & Mint (Sprite) Ice - RM3.90
Iced Lemon Tea - RM3.90
The Lime & Mint really taste good... The combination is perfect... Both doesnt overpower each other... So highly recommended...

German Bratwurst - RM13.90
Two giant cheesy sausage with mash potato and salad... Actually originally the salad is different.. Coz I cant have beef so the waitress suggest me to change to vege... very considerate waitress...

Milk Crepe Cake - RM7.50

Frankly speaking, I really dont know what is crepe cake... Until i saw it and taste it myself... Its a crepe layer... Taste doesnt like cafe... Milk is the original flavour... Another is Hazelnut.. well next time... Once try, I'm addicted... Its not so creamy and the sweetness is just nice... One slice really doesnt satisfy...

Happy 2011 !!!


  1. mille crepe means a thousand layer or something like that ^^ looks yummy~ got choc flavor?

  2. Food again!!!!!!!!
    hahaha cheesy sausages ~~ drool.......

  3. Wow everybody is talking abt food,I am hungry ad T.T

  4. FOOOOoood!!! Lmao darn it, why d'you have to take so many gosh darn pics *Stomach growls* Oh yeah, hurray for malaysia! (Suck that! People-who-say-that-we're-cheating-but-are-obviously-sour-grapes-and-have-horrible-command-of-english)

    P/s. YOur pics are CUTE!!

  5. The lime and mint sprite looks so nice!

  6. can you tell where exactly is this place?? i feel like visitng eh..=P
    much thx!

  7. hi, ryui from innit... oo i love the crepe..

  8. OMG~ i want the Milk Crepe Cake also!! T,T

  9. hi.. coming by to visit.. can u drop me an email? thanks!



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