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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Face 2 Face @ Kampar

Its Pan Mee noodle shop at Kampar... Its very near to UTAR... This shop is same row with McDonald... The only McD in Kampar.. So very easy to locate... Since my mom like Pan Mee very much.. So I brought her to have a taste....

If you want something not so hawker stall and more variety.. this shop definitely a must visit... and its doesnt crowded at all... got air-con also... why not?

A lots of chillie to choose from... I'm not a big fan..

Oh gosh... how can I miss this? But the original taste better...

Are you fan of these two types of chillie?

Honey Lemon and Ribena Lemon

Yet the original taste better...

Just a simple lunch at a simple place with my love one... So its become special meal.. Thanks..


  1. Panmee is really must eat delicacies~~^^

  2. Happy Chinese New Year!
    Hv a great rabbit year^^

  3. Happy Belated CNY! lol really nice the Mee? ;)


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