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Friday, August 24, 2012

Kim Gary - Times Square

Once a month definitely will stop by Kim Gary Restaurant for dine in due to I bought the free item voucher for the whole year... By the way, my favourite food at Kim Gary is the french toast, borsh soup and the iced milk tea.. But yesterday I'm had others in the menu which also great...

Fried Pork Chop with Shanghai Style Vegetable Rice - RM10.90
Another selection which is mushroom rice..
The Pork Chop marinated and very tasty...

Shredded Pork with fried egg - RM9.90

Ice Honey Lemon and Ice Plain Water

August 2012 free item - Seafood Mashed Potatoe

I dont want to be so full, so I ordered a plain water... If not my stomach will be bloated later... A bowl of rice with big pork chop and a plain water is very satisfying..

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Restaurant Fei Kei - Gopeng

This restaurant is from Gopeng, Perak - my hometown.. My usual dining place while I'm back to kampung during weekend.. Its been a while since my last visit which was about two months ago.. This restaurant well establish at my kampung and most of the villager definitely know this restaurant...

The restaurant is facing the main road, opposite Shell Petrol Station and at corner lot.. This is make the restaurant easily spot among the motorist...

Below are my few favorite among all and the portion really big with reasonable price.. The portion below are enough to satisfy 4 persons hunger..

Crispy tofu with fried dried small white shrimp - RM5.00

Fu Yu Yau Mak - RM5.00
Fried Lettuce with Fermented Beancurd

Butter Fish - Kam Fong Yu - RM23.00
Tilapia Fish if not mistaken

Picture first before makan time..

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jumbo Wagashi - Pavillion (Closed)

Located at Tokyo Street - Level 6 Pavillion...

The wagashi is not jumbo size but the drink really jumbo size.. My sister and I cant finish it as the ice keep melting and increase the water... Suprisingly the wagashi is cold.. I thought they make it fresh and serve customer immediately...

RM4.90 - Wagashi
RM9.90 - Drink

Monday, August 13, 2012

Imperial Art Cottage - Sri Petaling

This vegetarian restaurant located quite a hidden place in Sri Petaling. Went to Sri Petaling frequently but didn't notice this hidden gem... First time dine-in at this type of vegetarian restaurant.. I think this little restaurant bring the vegetarian food into another level... Great food, great environment at reasonable price..

The interesting detail of this menu - leave it to yourself to find it out

Nice environment - very quiet - possible operate by a Buddhist

Table decor !!

Dumpling Soup !!
The soup so delicious and I can taste the "dong kwai" in it..
There isnt any ajinomoto taste in it...
Super healthy !!

Fried Steak Rice !!
The Fish Chop a bit disappointed as it is overfried because the skin too hard
The tomato sauce is from fresh tomato.. Its not ketchup from the bottle..
The vege salad very fresh !!

Definitely will be back !!

To all Pure Vegan - I'm not sure this vegetarian shop is for you as I saw the menu do have egg.. Please kindly take note !!

Location :-

No 27,
Jalan Radin Anum 2,
Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Near at Hotel Sri Petaling there.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Snowflake Ocha'ryo - Pavillion

Are you a green tea fan? Are you a sesame fan? Yeah !! I'm both fan !! So now i can have both together at once... Yuppie...

Ocha'ryo is Snowflake latest creation... how can you not to try if you are the fan of snowflake??

Green Tea blended ice, Sesame taro balls, red bean and mini pearl.. the combination is perfect... The QQness of the taro ball.. one bite really make you crazy... One mouthful of green tea ice blended.. The taste stay even further...


I'm definitely will be back again for this bowl !! Anyone wanna join?

P/S - Photo taken by my HTC One X
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