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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Public Speaking Fear

Public Speaking Fear? Anyone? You should be afraid?
Recently read an article about this topic and I think its worthy to share it out. As I'm went through this situation before. As a presenter or trainer, public speaking skill is very important. But how many of us is professional and ready for it?
Its common for people to be afraid in front of a group people. Why do they fear?
1. No Skill
Quite a number of speaker receives no training like me. Never take any training class, or even read any book reagarding public speaking. I hired as trainer without any experience in this field. I just follow my senior and be a copy cat even a script. Along the way, I begin to have my own presentation style once I master it. Do you think, you want to attend this type of seminar whereby presented by inexperience speaker?
e.g. Do you want someone repair you car who dont know about mechanic?
2. Not Fearing Death
At the point of presentation and knowing there will be 50 in a group or some higher management level will be there, I rather die than speak. This is common feeling for all speakers. Speaking in front a group need to face embarrassment, whispers and snickers. Its not easy to overcome this.
e.g. Jumping from Level 88 Twin Tower will die and that is the end. But speaking, wont cause death and still alive.
Overcome the fear is come from mentally. EQ is important
3. Not Organize
Dont have proper outline all the subject need to be presented accordingly. Therefore, the flow of presentation will be messy. Without a rough idea what you need to speak, its will be "kelam kabut"...
4. Confusing writing and speaking
Write and speak are different. Writing is formal. Nobody want to listen you speak the way you write. Its boring.
5. Trying to Survive
"I just want to get through the speech and get over it" - Yup, this is my attitude when i'm just a baby in public speaking. If there is this kind of attitude, its hardly survive long.
6. Lack of Commitment
This is personal attitude problem. You dont commit the the job. If you just "tak apa" attitude, then wont be any quality presentation.
7. Freeze
What is freeze moment? Sometimes, speaker tend to forget some words and PAUSE a little moment. So how the speaker use this PAUSE moment its very crucial. If lack of experience, then the speaker will start to afraid then the remaining flow will affected.
When I assigned to be in charge of training, I really work hard to overcome fear and really commit myself to it. I didn't attend any professional trainer class, I didn't read any book. I do proper outline for my presentation and I rehear one time so that its goes smoothly. Of course, along the way adjustment is needed to suit the particular trainee to bring out interesting section. its learning for me and for the trainee as well.


  1. public speaking is hard during our studies.. when we on the job, speaking is the easies thing to do than working haha

  2. i do have fear in public speaking..
    but it slowly okay when u know what to say..and confident in urself.. now..after working..okayla~ improved a bit :)
    not so shy like schooling time..hehe

  3. I went thru the stage as well. It is not easy to overcome your fear if you are really a stage-phobia person. However, if you are presenting something that you well know of, then you can do it very well. The Confident will build very quickly. Most importantly is to understand who is your audients, the venue, be there early to get use to the environment and atmosphere, relax yrself in the room...

  4. Thanks for sharing some tips about public speaking. I really wish I can master this skill.


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