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Monday, November 22, 2010

espresSOUP @ BTS (Closed)

This is my second visit... you my click here for my 1st visit review... But actually more or less the same la.. hehehe...

I was so in love with pumpkin soup.. so really desperately wanna try this one so long... But my sister dont like it... Today, after gym and passby this little corner... I beg her to share with me.... I want the pumpkin... Its been in my mind so long....

We ordered a combo B which consist of Pumpkin Soup in the Farmer Bread and Chicken Cheese Croisant = Rm12.50.... If you dont wish to have the farmer bread then opt for a normal bowl....

What is farmer bread??? Good question... You may take a look at the information provided at almost every table... Yeah.. sound like so healthy....

1. Originated from Germany
2. Made of wheat and rye flours
3. Full of nutrition
4. Easily digested
5. Oil free, sugar free and preservative free....

There a indication to teach you how to eat the bread with the soup.. As the farmer bread will serve as a bowl.... But i never follow that eating instruction as I feel its going to waste my soup.... Sorry la.. I'm a bit "kiasi" so i got my own way of eating and drinking it....

This is call satisfaction.... yeah !!!

Oh gosh !! look at my panda eyes.... not enough sleep ler... but tonite sure can sleep well... Coz satisfy with my soup.. hehehe...


  1. how does pumpkin soup taste like? :P

  2. interesting way of drinking soup, haha

  3. Something like, bread + soup concept store? Wow cool

  4. interesting..where is it located at? :)

  5. Aha~ the espressoup!! I always want to try it.. almost tried last week but then grabbed sushi at last!! @@"

  6. cute! :) tried this but i preferred soup spoon, a franchise in spore..u can give soup spoon a try and compare ;)

  7. I try this when their opening and the soup doesn't taste good..... saw a lady complain about their clamp soup too....

  8. Daime ~ I'm soooo hungry now == So gonna check that place out !

    Thanks for the review =)

  9. Wow! cheessseee nom nom* hope panda eyes will recover soon!


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