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Thursday, November 11, 2010

YES - Latest mobile internet

YES claimed them is the fastest 4G mobile Internet with voice...

Well well well... Let's see whether its true when its launching.... When? According to the official website will be 19th November 2010.. few more days to go then..... something new happening soon..

YES claimed they have the best coverage wherever you go... no matter where you are... hmmmmm.... so far no brandband can ever do that.... new technology? Yet to be find out....

Caught all these "ROBOT" in front of Lot 10 yesterday night.. while everyone is busy snapping picture and thinking who they are and why they are there.... I was busy looking the the big TV.. hehehe.. and start thinking.. another great advertising tactic after successful "UniQlo"... hehehe...

Social Media.. really a great powerful connection tool....


  1. say YES!
    wah..amek gambar with robot~ cool!

  2. those Trooper is part of the advertise for YES?

  3. hope it can be as fast as they promised, and bring more competition in this industry.

  4. Hi, interesting blog. Looks as though we are already being bombarded with adverts day & night. So much money is spent in getting the message across to people to buy & buy & buy. Is it for the better?
    Like to thank you once more for your comments.

  5. the robots are so cool!! i wana pictures with them!

  6. well it's not the first campaign this year that uses 'robots'

  7. Hi its really very nice blog,very useful information..Mobiles


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