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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pasar Ramadan 2013 Tasik Permaisuri

Its once a year and a place that will visit by multiracial... Variety of food and some of them you can only found during Ramadan month.. Myself, I prefer Roti John and Murtabak.. But if want to find the nice one really not that easy...

Can you see where is the END?
Roasted Lamb for Roti Kebab
Crispy Roti Sardin

Donut - Are you craving it?

Assorted Kuih Muih
Ayam Golek (Charcoal)

Super Large Popiah

Ayam Percik

Nice hand writing at plastic bag as price tag

Assorted Petai

Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin
 I hope I got time to visit again this Pasar Ramadan as I found one Murtabak really nice..

Monday, July 15, 2013

AS Wang Steamboat @ Cheras

The best steamboat I ever had.. Yup, in my opinion.. I'm not always go to steamboat.. Mostly tried few and just one or two times.. So AS Wang Steamboat is my favorite now.. I definitely will dine-in there whenever I need steamboat.. When is the winter time for Malaysia? Lol !!

Bought a deal and this deal really brought me happiness.. Lol.. macam too "Over"

Steamboat set for 2 pax and fried wantan at RM19.80 instead of RM38.00
You may choose free refillable soup - Tom Yam, Herbal,Seaweed and Wine, Porridge and Clear Soup.

Steamboat Set for 2 pax
Fried WanTan
The fried wantan really so crispy and delicious.. I think its one of their signature.. Dip it with mayo sauce, its super delicious.. One is never satisfy my mouth..

Meehoon + Yee Mee + 2 eggs
 Best friend forever and that never leave anyone behind.. Whenever you go for steamboat, these companion never left behind..

Assorted fish balls

 My own preference will goes to Herbal Soup.. Its the best among the FOC range.. There are some soup you need to add money.. I might try it in future if I'm already bored with Herbal.. So far, its still my favourite..


So why not head down to Taman Cheras AS Wang Steamboat... Its open air so dont worry of the heat..

Friday, July 12, 2013

Chocolate Drink

Ever since young, I have a habit to drink MILO in the morning !! My mother create this habit for me and as a kid, how could you resist? Since primary, I drink MILO as my breakfast and my mother like to add raw egg into it.. Yuck !! I really feel want to vomit everyday drink MILO + RAW EGG !!

How many of you drink MILO in this way? As I grow up, I like to drink MILO ICE.. I like to put few spoonfuls of MILO powder into a cup (make sure very kaw).. Just MILO powder without adding sugar or milk/cream.. Then put into fridge and let it cool for few hours.. The best cool temperature is to leave it overnight.. Then the first sip, awesome !! especially its hot day..

But as I grow older now... I find out MILO very heaty drink.. Its cause the body very heat and very easy fall sick especially sore throat.. If you have constipation problem, better avoid MILO.. This is one of the reason I need to lessen my MILO time...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alessio Publika

Great people with Great Food definitely having a great time together..

Bought a deal for 4 persons and had a great gathering with friends..

Restaurant - Alessio Publika
RM88.00 instead of RM254.30 for 4 persons
Main Course + Appetiser + Desserts

The food is delicious, the environment is elegant so make everyone of us so enjoy the time.... The service quite good. But the cleanliness should improve. I saw the floor quite dirty. 

The food serve quite slow, I also not sure why? If you terribly hungry, better dont wait. May be is because the deal or the cooking time? Hope they can improve on this also as this restaurant quite nice and the food delicious too.. 

Pumpkin Soup
 If I'm to choose between Wild Mushroom Soup and Pumpkin Soup, no need to consider and the asnwer already shown at picture above. Pumpkin is my favourite especially in soup. So damn yummy.. It not that thick but need to drink fast as it get cooler the thickness will increase.. Then it not nice to drink..

Duck Confit
My friend choose it because of the waiter keep recommend this one.. She doesnt really favour about duck, but she impress on this one. The duck meat too tender until its like melt in your mouth.. Good !! lol.. because it is too delicious, my friend complaining the portion too small... Not recommend if you are big eater..

Baked Perch Fillet
 Nice presentation make you more appetite to eat.. So beautiful until dont feel want to mess it.. The sauce is delicious and not sure what it make for.. Just nice.. The bottom layer part look something like "keropok" also nice... yum yum..

Grilled Norwegian Salmon
  The salmon didnt overcook and just nice to bite as the freshness.. The wedges is so crispy until you really cannot stop biting it.. If you like KFC one? This is just superb...

Mini Creme Brulee
 I still dont know how to eat creme brulee and how nice it is.. I still prefer the chinese steam custard egg.. Lol.. If anyone know how to taste a cream brulee, do let me know...

 The food is nice, environment is nice, people is nice.. Where else you can find the deal like this? Super cheap.. Please, I want more... LOL !! 


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Nuffnang Earning

Yes, my earning with Nuffnang didnt really promising or doing well. One of the point is I'm just a plain blogger. I blog like I'm writing diary, is for my own reading purpose. 

But joining Nuffnang and literally I'm a Glitterati member, well its seems I have extra advantage on it. Anyway, throughout my blogging year and joining Nuffnang, I did gain something in return but yet I dont want to screw up my blog to make money like many of people is doing. I just stick back to my old way of writing a post as a leisure.

I didnt really blogwalk too that's is another reason my blog didnt make it to hall of fame... Yeah Yeah Yeah !! Main reason is my post is BORING !! lol... 

As I said, my main purpose of blogging is to record down my own feeling, my memory towards things and share my picture. So that I can flip it back anytime and anywhere... YES !! Anytime and anywhere - thanks to smartphone and the brilliant apps..

In year mid 2010 until mid 2012, I'm quite active in blogging world and gain a lots from Nuffnang. Even though I dont have any food review invitation, product launching special invitation or blogger award pass, I did enjoy free movie almost every month by joining simple contest. Got to meet blogger in real life (just from afar) but shy to talk to them... 

Even though I'm nobody to all of you, but to those blogger who talk to me via online, I do remember you.. I might not dropping at your blog everyday, but some some sometimes...

I been slowing down but not totally MIA. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Green Apple Cafe Sri Petaling (Closed)

IMPORTANT NOTE - This is delay post

Bought a value deal at [mydeal] and here am I at this super cool music cafe. Dine-in once, but in love with the environment but there is a cons on it.

Green Apple Cafe Sri Petaling (same row with Caring Farmasi).
The deal is RM16.90 instead of RM39.20 consist of main course + starter (mushroom soup) + desserts (ice-cream/chinese herbal jelly) + drink(jasmine tea/root beer/coke/three layered milk tea/100 plus)


First impression when I walk-in, wow, so empty. Will the food delicious? Will it survive since look like no business? It is really a live band music?

There a lots variety of drinks and foods for you to choose.. I look at the menu, I'm quite impress on the varieties.. I beat you definitely can get what you want to eat and drink...

Since it is a deal and a set meal, there already provide another menu for me to choose what I want. And the live band just started. FYI, I arrived around 9pm. There were two guys at the front stage and one of them playing the piano. Both of them can sing well especially the guy without playing any music instrument. Actually its quite weird when there is a live singing but audience just you. I wonder will they sing when there is noone or just one customer? Perhaps wrong location otherwise business will be good because singer is good and the food is good too.

Grill Fish Chop with Peach - Black Pepper sauce
Grill Chicken Chop with Peach - Mushroom sauce

 Overall, great dine-in experience because food is delicious so the cause the deal very worthy.. While dine-in, chit-chat with friend, you can enjoy the music. So why not walk-in again?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Satisfy Lunch at Hometown

Yesterday took a day off and went back to Gopeng due to my father need to go GH for blood test for upcoming medical check-up.. So I got time to go "makan makan" at one of my favourite restaurant at Gopeng - Restaurant Fei Kei... 

The portion is big and if two persons only, better dont order so much dishes. Price definitely is affordable as Kampung price..

Claypot Tofu

Yau Mak with Fermented Bean Curd
Free desserts - milo pudding
Ginger Chive Fish
The desserts is different from day to day. Not necessary will get milo pudding. I tried orange, coffee, soya bean and red bean before. Its tasty..

Its so easy to spot Restaurant Fei Kei at Gopeng, Perak. Gopeng is a very small town and noone dont know this restaurant. Just right opposite the Shell Petrol Station at main road.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Old Town White Coffee Cafe

Working at Bukit Bintang especially just right opposite Pavilion, eating lunch really a headache. This headache happen almost daily and cause me sometimes dont have appetite to eat. 

Not overhere dont have food to eat but due to limited budget, choices really very limited unless willing to walk far away until Sg. Wang.. Yes, its enough time to eat lunch at Sg Wang, provided walking super fast and the food can serve pretty fast (waiting time cannot more than 15 minutes). Then 1 hour is enough to walk to Sg Wang, eat lunch and walk back from Sg Wang.

I'm quite a cheapscake so I dont have to spend so much at lunch because limited time to enjoy the whole meal. Plus if eat too heavy, later will be very sleepy.. 

Old Town quite a good choice as many choices of set lunch which offer daily from Monday to Sunday. I love their coffee and Ice Lemon Tea plus the steam rice series. Price range from RM7.50 to RM12.30 (one main course + drink). You need to top-up RM0.90 if opt for Old Town White Coffee.

Ice Lemon Tea

Steam Chicken Sausage Rice
The steam rice needs to wait 20 minutes and if you really too hungry, please dont order this or else you will starving..

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Roti Motorcycle Man

A motorcycle selling assorted local bread and cake. Did you notice it around your neighborhood? In my kampung, when I was a kid, the motorcyle selling limited roti.. But now I staying at KL, the motorcycle size still the same, but the quantity of bread and cake is double/triple up... beside also selling snacks and candy... 

Can you see it? So many many many foods... I wonder will his motorbike very heavy? One more thing to remind everyone when buy roti from this type of motorbike uncle, do bring your own recycle bag to put the roti. First is environmental friendly, second is uncle trying not to use new plastic bag. He will recycle the plastic bag that use to keep the bread attached to the motor (as you seen in the picture) or if you buy 2 or 3 items, you need to carry just like that..

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rabbit Cafe Wisma Cosway (Closed)

Located at 1st floor Wisma Cosway.. Where is Wisma Cosway? Just opposite Pavilion and behind Wisma Genting... This small cafe offer set lunch at RM10.00 nett.. About 20 sets for you to choose so definitely you able to find what you wish to eat..

Set consist of Main Course (20 choice) + Dessert (Fruit/Rojak/Ah Chat) + Drink (Barley, Lemon Tea, Green Tea) at affordable price of RM10.00 nett

Butter Cheese Fish

Hot Jasmine Green Tea

Fruit Rojak
 Its my usual lunch place because it is too near to my office.. And it just more than enough to satisfy my hunger..

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mi Na Rae Sri Petaling

Out of idea what to eat and where to eat... Why eating also looks like a very difficult thing? Why want to decide where and what to eat also feel like hell? Haihzz.. Eat is a very routine thing and repetition but what to eat and where to eat really a question that almost everyone is asking..

Just bump into this little korean food restaurant located at Sri Petaling... Simple lunch set just to satisfy my stomach yelling... 

 Just give a try you havent been to... Not that crowded during my visit.. Its owned by a Korean so I believe the food quite authentic...  Will re-visit to try others in the menu...
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