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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Old Town White Coffee Cafe

Working at Bukit Bintang especially just right opposite Pavilion, eating lunch really a headache. This headache happen almost daily and cause me sometimes dont have appetite to eat. 

Not overhere dont have food to eat but due to limited budget, choices really very limited unless willing to walk far away until Sg. Wang.. Yes, its enough time to eat lunch at Sg Wang, provided walking super fast and the food can serve pretty fast (waiting time cannot more than 15 minutes). Then 1 hour is enough to walk to Sg Wang, eat lunch and walk back from Sg Wang.

I'm quite a cheapscake so I dont have to spend so much at lunch because limited time to enjoy the whole meal. Plus if eat too heavy, later will be very sleepy.. 

Old Town quite a good choice as many choices of set lunch which offer daily from Monday to Sunday. I love their coffee and Ice Lemon Tea plus the steam rice series. Price range from RM7.50 to RM12.30 (one main course + drink). You need to top-up RM0.90 if opt for Old Town White Coffee.

Ice Lemon Tea

Steam Chicken Sausage Rice
The steam rice needs to wait 20 minutes and if you really too hungry, please dont order this or else you will starving..

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