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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alessio Publika

Great people with Great Food definitely having a great time together..

Bought a deal for 4 persons and had a great gathering with friends..

Restaurant - Alessio Publika
RM88.00 instead of RM254.30 for 4 persons
Main Course + Appetiser + Desserts

The food is delicious, the environment is elegant so make everyone of us so enjoy the time.... The service quite good. But the cleanliness should improve. I saw the floor quite dirty. 

The food serve quite slow, I also not sure why? If you terribly hungry, better dont wait. May be is because the deal or the cooking time? Hope they can improve on this also as this restaurant quite nice and the food delicious too.. 

Pumpkin Soup
 If I'm to choose between Wild Mushroom Soup and Pumpkin Soup, no need to consider and the asnwer already shown at picture above. Pumpkin is my favourite especially in soup. So damn yummy.. It not that thick but need to drink fast as it get cooler the thickness will increase.. Then it not nice to drink..

Duck Confit
My friend choose it because of the waiter keep recommend this one.. She doesnt really favour about duck, but she impress on this one. The duck meat too tender until its like melt in your mouth.. Good !! lol.. because it is too delicious, my friend complaining the portion too small... Not recommend if you are big eater..

Baked Perch Fillet
 Nice presentation make you more appetite to eat.. So beautiful until dont feel want to mess it.. The sauce is delicious and not sure what it make for.. Just nice.. The bottom layer part look something like "keropok" also nice... yum yum..

Grilled Norwegian Salmon
  The salmon didnt overcook and just nice to bite as the freshness.. The wedges is so crispy until you really cannot stop biting it.. If you like KFC one? This is just superb...

Mini Creme Brulee
 I still dont know how to eat creme brulee and how nice it is.. I still prefer the chinese steam custard egg.. Lol.. If anyone know how to taste a cream brulee, do let me know...

 The food is nice, environment is nice, people is nice.. Where else you can find the deal like this? Super cheap.. Please, I want more... LOL !! 


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