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Friday, July 12, 2013

Chocolate Drink

Ever since young, I have a habit to drink MILO in the morning !! My mother create this habit for me and as a kid, how could you resist? Since primary, I drink MILO as my breakfast and my mother like to add raw egg into it.. Yuck !! I really feel want to vomit everyday drink MILO + RAW EGG !!

How many of you drink MILO in this way? As I grow up, I like to drink MILO ICE.. I like to put few spoonfuls of MILO powder into a cup (make sure very kaw).. Just MILO powder without adding sugar or milk/cream.. Then put into fridge and let it cool for few hours.. The best cool temperature is to leave it overnight.. Then the first sip, awesome !! especially its hot day..

But as I grow older now... I find out MILO very heaty drink.. Its cause the body very heat and very easy fall sick especially sore throat.. If you have constipation problem, better avoid MILO.. This is one of the reason I need to lessen my MILO time...

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