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Monday, August 26, 2013

Air Hangat VIllage Langkawi

Air Hangat Village Langkawi... A place you can "rendam" you kaki at a pool with hot water.. After a tired day, this is should be the nest activity... However, the whole place really wasted as the authority seems abundant the place...

Lack of maintenance and poor guidance... The place should be renovated before since my few years back visit.. The whole place quite nice but just no people taking care of it.. Really a waste.. Somemore this place is one of the attraction that show on map..

Ayer Hangat Village
 From roadside, you will see this sign big big.. should be wont miss turn.. 

Very dirty - supposingly can sit down at rendam your leg at the pondok there

Nice surrounding !!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Restaurant Wonderland Langkawi

Food at Langkawi.. What you can think of? For me, SEAFOOD !! SEAFOOD !! SEAFOOD !! Secondly will be Malays FOOD !! But seafood can cause you a bomb in pocket if wrongly choose restaurant.. But also depends how fancy the meals you want/need.

Everytime I'm at Langkawi, I definitely will pay a visit to Wonderland Restaurant located at Kuah.. Its offer variety of seafood with affordable price.. But if you need a super fancy menu, this restaurant definitely not your option.. The price clearly stated in the menu so you dont need to worry about the bill.. The boss and the staff will recommend the dishes side according to total people.. So a BIG no worry for it..

Restaurant Wonderland Langkawi
Selamat Datang ke Wonderland Food Store.. LOL !! The best part for this restaurant is, HALAL !! Smart people... Alots foreigner like angmo or China people dine-in here.. Probably because many tour-guide bring their customer to this place.. Remember be there as early as you could as very crowded and many reservation.. The restaurant open at 6.00pm

A hot day at Langkawi.. Beer is a must to cool down.. Importantly, its so damn cheap.. hahahaha !! RM3.50 for this can of beer... Frankly speaking, it is a bit dilute compare the beer at mainland.. Will it be DUTY FREE, less money means less ingredient cause less quality?

Happily waiting the food to serve
Kam Heong Lala - RM12.00 (Small)
 This is my favourite type of lala or clam.. My mother use to buy this type to cook... Normally at seafood restaurant, they will use another type of clam which is harder shell.. Kam Heong - The lemongrass really play an important role.. The smell and taste of the lala is superb awesome.. I dont mine order big for this.. lol.. Importantly, the lala quite fat and big.. great !!

Baby Kailan - RM10.00 (Small)
Basically, in Ipoh or KL, this vergetable call "Choy Tam".. If you eat Hong Kong Kai Lan before, then you should know the different... No comment on this, because every meal should have some vegetable to balance it.. 

Fried Squid - RM10.00 (Small)
Crispy outside, soft and tender inside.. You still can taste the freshness of the squid.. I think the flour they use it own recipe as taste really good.. Not taste like plain flour... Even though the squid a little small.. But still the whole plate is more than enough for 2 people...

Steam Prawn with Egg - RM12.00
 This steam prawn with egg a bit disappointed as its should use white egg only... Then the onion/garlic oil overcover the taste of the egg with prawn.. The best is use white egg only then stem with the prawn without putting any seasoning.. The white egg will absorb the prawn and taste great... 

Even though not the one I taste before, but this one still OK as the prawn very fresh.. The egg also not overcook... 6 - 7 prawns is good enough.. 

Enjoying the food - I'm so hungry
Total bill - RM50.00.. LOL.. ngam ngam.. Actually the dishes we ordered all are small size but enough to cover 3 persons.. Too bad, my sister and I are big eater.. lol... Enjoy !!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fried Noodle @ Pudu

Always after gym, my stomach will give some sound... But eating heavily after gym is a NO NO NO !! Fat will follow you forever.. So I will control myself and just get some light to statisfy my mouth.. But that day on the way home and my sister keep saying the Pudu Chee Cheung Fun..

Oh god !! Food Food Food !!!... I told her, if the roadside got parking then we eat if not just drive away.. Why Why Why? there is a slot ngam ngam for my little car... huh... After parked, when walking in, notice many stalls close.. Oh !! Tuesday is off day for most of the stall..

Since we there, cannot go away with empty stomach.... Notice one fried noodle alot people.. and heard people choosing between chicken egg or duck egg.. cool.. and I saw the menu, rat noodle and glass noodle.. my favourite..

The lady boss take charge of the WOK

Fried Rat Noodle with chicken egg
 Look normal? Wait you taste it.. Is just simply delicious... If got prawn then this will be the best.. 

Fried Glass Noodle with Chicken Egg
 Not oily glass noodle... So yummy... with the combination of taugeh and Kau Chai... love it...

My panda eye call me to go home sleep
Definitely I will be back to try the duck egg fried noodle...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Scarborough Fish & Chips Langkawi

Before I went to Langkawi, I surf internet about food in Langkawi.. Many suggested this Scarborough Fish n Chips located at Tanjung Rhu... The reason is their superb delicious fish & chips.. Frankly speaking, I'm not a big fan or fish & chips and dont know how to taste it good or not.. Since I'm on my way to Tanjung Rhu, why not just dropby?

Thumbs ups @ Scarborough

Awesome view when eating your crispy fish n chips

Tomato, Chili, Pepper, Salt, Olive Oil

Fish & Chips

Calamari Ring

Garden Salad (FOC)

Beer with Freeze Glass

Act Cool !!

Enjoying the SUN !!
Its such a great place to enjoy a meal and its pack with foreigners.. Its popular among them... I like the fried, its huge and crispy... Yummy Yummy... Best pair with the mayonnaise and the beer... With the view.. its just like in heaven... 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Black Sand Beach Langkawi

Pantai Pasir Hitam or Black Sand Beach located Langkawi... Its not hard to locate through the map... But its a little far from Kuah or Pantai Cenang.. So make sure you plan well your itinerary.. If not you will end up driving whole langkawi just to go two destinations...

Why the sand is black? Its good question... Other black sand beach at other side of the world, cause by the volcanic ash.. But Langkawi black sand is a bit different because Malaysia doesnt has any volcano mount.. So how come this beach at langkawi the sand is black? There are two types of methodology about it.. One is the legend and another is the scientific explanation.. Which one is the truth? Go there and find out..

I been to this beach few times and started to feel disappointed each time my visit... The beach not as black as before and getting whiter.. Only center part of the beach is black... The black sand might wash out by wave or visitor collect it back (which i did it before).. If you think the whole beach is black, better dont put so much hope on it... Anyway, you still can capture beautiful photo here as the view is awesome... Dont just concentrate the black sand but the whole view..

My sister and I at Black Sand Beach @ Pantai Pasir Hitam

Me @ truly black sand corner

Sis @ not 100% black sand corner
Above picture show that only surface is black.. The water flow down wash away the black sand and white sand slowly appear... Hope people stop collect the black sand back... Anyway, I heard the black sand will bring bad luck, so think twice before bringing it back..

Left side of the beach
 I like this shot and this angle.. Too bad not manage to capture photo at this side due to the family is very enjoying at there.... So I move to right hand side of the beach...

Sis and me @ left side of the black sand beach
There is small fisherman boats parking at here.. I love the wooden bridge the most as you only can find it at small village.. The sun gave us a big smile but that doesnt stop me walk to the bridge... Its cause me a little sun burn overhere...

Sis and Me - moving toward the wooden bridge

Sis and Me - self construct wooden house
Before we reach the wooden bridge, on the right side, there is a wooden house.. Should be reside by some local resident or the fishermen.. The best part of this house is that, the layout.. For the outlook, its seems use all kind of re-use material (mix and match) to combine together and make it a house... The structure looks not stable but its still stand still.. Its seems can beat the windy weather nearby beach.. 

me @ wooden bridge
Me @ Beautiful wooden bridge

Mixture of black and white sand.. Beautiful !!
Thanks to the tripod so my sister and I can snap picture together.. hehehe !! Remember dropby here for beautiful shot...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Breakfast Station Langkawi

By the name already know its breakfast spot.. Breakfast Station located at opposite road of Pantai Cenang.. Due to this restaurant tight up with some hotel/inn/motel/resort nearby, so the place quite crowded during morning time.. 

People might ask why I still go for western breakfast since at Langkawi... Ramadhan month and at Pantai Cenang, choices really limited.. I did search online - forget what website said it has the best omelet so why not give it a try?

My sister really pandai posing
 You definitely will see this big big sign board [Breakfast Station] beside the road.. Very eye catching board.. Even you drive, you also will see it.. Of course not F1 speed OK..

My Day 2 outfit - seems a bit blur..
I like the overall decoration of this restaurant.. All is wood... ermm.. I dont know how to explain.. baliness or kampung style.. but if eat western breakfast, the decor not really match.. Eat Malay food then would be better..

Fresh Orange Juice
Black Coffee
Cheese Mushroom Omelet
 I'm a bit surprise of the omelet size.. abit little for the price.. Overall the taste it good.. Combination of capsicum, mushroom and cheese.. Perfect cook..

Big Breakfast
 The big breakfast really a bit normal.. You can get a really better than this anywhere..

Seems enjoying the breakfast !! LOL

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Langkawi Trip 2013 4D3N

Here is my summary of my Langkawi Trip from 27th to 30th July 2013. If I got more time, I will update in more details.. Basically, the whole 4 days 3 nights, I'm just hea+ing all the time. Means I didnt do any extreme activities like Island hopping or Mangrove tour, neither I visit a lots of places until my time pack.. My purpose for this trip just to relax, chill and leisure.. So I didn't really plan what I want to do, where I want to go, what I want to eat and etc... But my mind definitely has one thing.. Langkawi is duty free.. so BEERS !! lol..

Day ONE (27/07/2013)

Arrive at Langkawi about 1.30pm and took my rental car.. I book VIVA manual RM150.00 for 3 days.. Then checked in at Tropical Resort at Pantai Tengah. Without second thought, lunch at Mcdonald Pantai Cenang then head to Laman Padi.. Then we head to Kuah Town to buy some snacks and water, then survey some price for chocolate/beer.. So its time for dinner, we go to Ramadhan pasar at Kuah Town...

Laman Padi
Laman Padi
 Day Two (28/07/2013)

I can said the most pack with activities day.. I relax enough on Day one.. so its time to explore Langkawi.. but yet I didnt go much places.. Went to breakfast and due to Ramadhan, I cant get local food at Cenang, so we choose western breakfast.. Then we walk around Cenang beach then Beras Terbakar... After that want to go to Tanjung Rhu but go to wrong road, we stopby at Perdana Quay (suppose my 3rd day visit because i will check-in berjaya resort for my final day stay). The main purpose to go Tanjung Rhu is the Fish n Chip restaurant. After that we head to Kuah Town for dinner.. Delicious and Cheap seafood at Wonderland Restaurant.. Just a normal style seafood.. Before dinner, we go Dataran Helang.. Never visit Langkawi without stopby here... lol..

Outside Room - Tropical Resort

Pantai Cenang main road
Pantai Cenang (Morning)

Road near Airport

Tapak Beras Terbakar

Perdana Quay

Pantai Pasir Hitam
Pantai Pasir Hitam
Scarborough Fish & Chips Tanjung Rhu
Tanjung Rhu

Tanjung Rhu

Ayer Hangat Village

Dataran Helang

Dataran Helang

Day Three (29/07/2013)

After breakfast, we go to Cable car but unfortunately it close for maintenance.. Sigh.. Bad day.. Its first day started to close... So just snap picture at Oriental Village... Nice place to snap photo.. I like the red bridge... We head to check-in Berjaya Resort (using staff price, so manage to get quite a good deal). After that we went to The Loaf at Perdana Quay... Nice coffee with beautiful view... Then we straight to Kuah Town to shop for chocolate... We bought about RM200.00 and majority is for other people.. haihzz.. myself only grab 3 packs.. Dinner at same place due to another chinese restaurant close... satisfy... 
Oriental Village

Day Four (30/07/2013)

Morning breakfast at Berjaya Resort.. Lovely breakfast with load of choices.. Then hang around at the beach and swimming pool.. Awesome.. Why my stay here so short.. Definitely will back again....

Swimming Pool

Beach near Water Chalet
My hea-ing trip comes to end.. I'm more than satisfy as I drank about 9 bottles of beers.. hahaha.. Dont call me drunker as just once a while... Since it is duty free. so why not? I'm not afford for RM20++ beer at KL.. So RM20.00++ i can drink 9 bottles at Langkawi.. Truly satisfy...


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