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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dataran Helang Langkawi

My sister said you consider never been to Langkawi if you didnt step you foot at Dataran Helang .. Very weird "said" .. Actually she just want to say, Dataran Helang is the main attraction at Langkawi.. Some kind of symbolic for this place.. Like you go Paris, must visit and snap picture at Eiffel Tower...

Frankly speaking, I been to Langkawi few times, But definitely will dropby this place... As "said" never been to Langkawi if didnt snap a picture here... just for memory... 

Thanks to my tripod so that I can snap this Helang with my sister... Suddenly feel this Helang so beautiful... probably last few times, I didnt really see it but just keep snapping photo..

Me & My Sister @ Dataran Helang

Front view @ Dataran Helang
I want to fly fly fly away
Yeah Yeah Yeah !! I'm top of the world !! Hopefully..
Back View @ Dataran Helang

So remember dropby this Dataran Helang.. Impossible you dont know where it is... Just located next to the Ferry Terminal nearby Kuah Town...

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