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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bangkok Street Food

While I'm enjoying my shopping at Bangkok during my July 2011 visit, I also enjoying their street food where can get it everywhere along the street... Its so different from here especially their chillie sauce... I just so in love with Bangkok street food... Its cheap and delicious... This is one of the thing i miss Bangkok so much.... But quite weird as some of the street only can be found at certain street or ally... so be sure you explore everywhere you could...

Crispy crepe with a lots of cream and slices of coconut (sweet and salty) - 10 baths

Spicy Fresh Mango - 20 baths
I love this so much...
This the best among all I taste everywhere
Thumbs up for Chatuchak Market

Mobile fruit stall outside Wat Pho

Add in together with fruit

Coconut Ice-cream - very rich of coconut flavour
Only available at Chatuchak Market

How many colestrol do you think if you finish all these egg?

Fish ball - the best with their spicy sauce..

Bangkok style Teh Tarik and Teh Ice....
Taste a lots different from here...
Probably the tea leaves matter...

Which flavour you want?

Sweet Potato - I prefer Malaysia version coz this one not so fan shu

Singha Beer - 40 baths

Well, every country do has their own unique street food.. So which one do you fancy of?


  1. last 4th photo is waffle? looks so round and cute!

    me ar? If I craving dessert might choose fancy with ice cream. then before that must makan some asam laksa hehe

  2. The coconut icecream looks really good, nice to eat during hot day (:

  3. Quite impress with the variety of food there

  4. Kian Fai - taste and bite is a bit different from what we got from here...

    Hilda - yup... definitely a great remedy for hotday...

    Falcon & Nikel - simple yet super delicious street food...

  5. what's the dip on the spicy fresh mango??

  6. looks interesting and nice.. i wonder how they do the eggs.. haha..

  7. Lovely food and the mangoes looks so tempting.

  8. OMG I want to try that coconut ice-cream! Looks so good! :D :D

  9. OMG I want to try that coconut ice-cream! Looks so good! :D :D


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