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Friday, August 26, 2011

Rasa Utara Restaurant - Times Square

My first experience for this restaurant not that good... Its really make me so disappointed and frustrated...

I got two buffet vouchers from friend... So since free, why not give it a try... Make a reservation through phone... I asked the PIC whether can I reserve any table? The PIC told me that its first come first serve... As I know there will be two types of seat - aircon and non aircon (outside)... Of course everyone will choose aircon... Since the PIC said like that, I arrive about 6.50pm while the buffet start at 7.00pm...

When I arrived I dunno where should I head to - either choose a seat or else... Those waiter and waitress doesnt seems bother me and I'm standing few minutes like "siao siao"... I started to frustration... Then I walked up to one of these "stupid" and told that I booked for 2 persons.. Then that fella walked to the main counter (oh yeah.. now I only see that counter - cashier)... Then that fella brought me to my seat where is surprisingly at the end corner.. very outside and near the mall exit...

wei wei wei.... I booked but they gave me that stupid place.. I asked that fella, again that the PIC informed me that the seat is first come first serve and why I cant seat inside... I told him that I alreday booked for 2 earlier on... That fella said "oh.. you sudah book?".. then he walked back to the counter... Only then asked me book under whos name?.... oh god.... then that fella just simply point at one seat... walau eh... that seat? almost next to the buffet counter... huh...

RM48.00 nett

Its really unpleasant experience !!!
At lorong.. Outdoor !!

Buffet counter !!
Just opposite my seat !!

Mutabak and Laksa Kedah !!

3 Beverages - Orange, Soya Milk and ????
No label at all, make me so confuse whether which one to take...

Varities of dessert...

Steam section !!
Some fresh seafood !!

Chicken Soup

Roast Lamb

Chocolate Fondue

Overall, its not worth for the price... No doubt the food quite OK... but the service is so so so dissatisfy.... No more next time for me...

Note : Since I'm seating outside, opposite me is an empty table... Then half way of my meal, some restaurant high management place his butt there and keep on smoking... Oh gosh !! damn damn damn !!!!

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