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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chicken Curry Bun Lukut

If you happen to be at Port Dickson and about 4 of you in a group, you may dropby Lucky King Bun at Lukut town to try chicken curry bun. 

Chicken Curry Bun Lukut
Lucky King Bun @ Chicken Curry Bun

Its a chicken curry wrap inside a bun. So you can imagine, the bun quite huge. I know there is famous chicken curry bun at Kampar, Perak. But doesnt know Lukut also available the same food. Taste wise, I'm not sure who is better as I never taste Kampar Chicken Curry Bun. Lukut version also my first time.

The size is really huge and available only 1 size with the price of RM30.00. My palm doesnt enough to cover the whole bun and its bigger than my face.. LOL

Chicken Curry Bun Lukut
Chicken Curry Bun Lukut

The best eaten when it is hot or warm. The aroma of the bread is so nice. The bread texture very smooth and QQ. Take a slice and dip into the curry then place into mouth. Oh gosh !! Yummy... How can one resist this delicious food? But better eat fast because the taste is not good when the bread get cooler. Its harden and the curry will become thick and oily. 

Chicken Curry Bun Lukut
Lucky King Bun Lukut - RM30.00
Two of us (girls) manage to finish the whole bun and chicken and potato. Its too full. My advice, a group of 4 girls to share this. 

Chicken Curry Bun Lukut
Chicken Curry Bun Lukut
My friend bought 4 of this before heading back to KL and the whole car is so fragrant with the bun aroma. The boss told us that, if eat same day, just put into microwave and heat it back. If steam then separate the curry and the bread.

Address :-

Lucky King Bun 好运面包王
No 34, Bandar Baru Lukut, 71010 Lukut, Port Dickson.

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