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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

229 Special Day

Do you think 229 or 29th February a very special day?

Personally I dont think is special.. Why Why Why?? This extra 24 hours fall on weekday? A working day? Why I must spend this extra day in my office? Plus a very busy day !!

To make it a special day for me... I snap a picture with my beloved pillow that accompany for these few years.. Whether ups, downs, happy, sad, sunny or rain, my pillow stand beside me...

Thanks for your company and I love you forever !!

P/S - I'm not insane OK !!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nandos @ Times Square

Actually its a late post !! Pre-Valentine mean with loves one really nice.. Oh oh oh !! hahaha.. Simple delicious meal at nice environment with close one... This call perfect...

This is the best Nandos I ever been.. Actually I only been to few outlets (Times Square, Pavillion and Puduraya) and Times Square outlet is the best visit ever... Nice decoration, friendly staff and great taste of food...

You may wonder what so friendly? You will greet by a staff that station at the entrance, then when you bring to your desired seat, everyone will shout in (not sure what language) and you feel you are so welcome.. The decoration of this outlet is very different from other outlets.. probably this decor is latest trend for Nandos... Presentation of the food also look delicious...

Happy Valentine 2012 !!

 Soup of the day !!
Chicken Cream Soup
Super delicious lo.. you can taste the chicken chunk and that's a lots...
Pudina leaves + Lime = Perfect crush
The Chicken grill in so perfect that really no oil..
The grill vegetable also at perfect...
You may choose your own flavour...
My favourite is Mild Peri Peri
 There are 3 to 4 sauces for you to choose and its depends on your spicyness

The Interior..
Happy Valentine from staff !!

Located at LG floor.. You will see alots of cafe and restaurant at that side.. Be sure what you choose and dont go to the wrong door.. Enjoy !!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stop LYNAS !! Save MALAYSIA !!

YUP.. Today is 26th February 2012.. There was many places organized event of "Himpunan Hijau 2.0" and the slogan is "Stop LYNAS, Save MALAYSIA"

People wearing in green and holding banners, flyers, A4 paper and etc written any word related to radioactive free, stop LYNAS, protect our environment... That is phyically support.. I only can mentally support.. I upload photos, share article, video at my facebook to create awareness.. How many of you did it???

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Resolution 2012

I know I'm quite late when talking about Resolution... Now is second month of the year 2012 but yet I still so hea+ing around... Am still thinking what is my resolution for this year?

Review back my previous resolution really doesnt like resolution.. hahaha... and only 25% of it fulfilled... Set a resolution really not an easy things...

I feel myself think and act very differently compare to last year... Last year I only think of FUN that why all my resolution is about TRAVEL... But now I feel want to be more stable.. May be due to aging.. As age increasing, mind tend get older and older.. thinking also slower... The urge to go travel become lesser and lesser and lesser...

Where does the urge goes?? HOUSE !! I want to get my own house.. my own comfortable nest !! Doesnt need to be very big.. as long as its belongs to me... But buying a property at KL is not easy... No matter what and how long, I must own a house... That is my lifetime ultimate goal...

So this year, saving money is my priority.. Oh yeah !! be more hardworking at blogging.. last year too lazy... more hardworking to walk around and snap picture then share at my blog - my little corner...

Gambateh all !!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Apple Pudding Homemade

My lovely sister creation.... Apple Pudding.. Agar Agar izzit called Pudding?? cincai la...

Ingredient - 1. Apple Juice.. Not the fresh one... Packed Apple Juice bought from supermarket... Any brand you like... 2. Then agar agar powder... Also any brand you like.... 3. Fresh apple - dice it into small pieces (size up to individual) 4. little sugar (depends on your sweetness)

My sister said agar agar powder is easier to melt... Opps... I havent write down how much? Apple Juice is 1 litre and agar agar powder is 1 packet.. Of course the small one will do.. Coz might not use up all.. Its depends how soft and hard you wish...

Campur Apple Juice, Agar Agar powder and sugar together and let all melting... Then pour into the mould and put the fresh apple that you dice into it... then after it cool down, you may put into refridgerator...

Hahaha.. I know my explaination is not good... sorry.. !!!

Very delicious !! Happy Trying !!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet Fresh @ Times Square (Closed)

Location - Center Court Lower Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square

Everyone sure heard of SNOWFLAKE whereby long queue all the time.. yeah yeah !! Not really all the time but most of the time... But no worry.. If dont wish to queue up but wish to have the similar dessert... Meet Fresh might satisfy your craving... At least a little...

This is my first time and for me its just another rival or can I say copycat of Snowflake?? Not sure who is the first invented this type of dessert.. May be someone able to tell me...

Let you know your order can collect at counter

Dont misunderstand !! Look carefully..
I'm not biting the beeper

Q Mochi - RM8.90
So Q Q Q Q...

Soya Series (Taro+Red Bean+Pearl) - RM6.50
Soya Ice Blended cover with TauFuFah..
Nice nice...

Do you notice what is the different between the upper bowl (mine) and the below bowl (taken from Meet Fresh website)? Name is the same but mine less one things.. And now I wonder that missing ingredient not TARO? Then TARO means yam?? I really want to know?

A little disappointed look with my eye dark circle also appear due to I dont get my sweet potato mini ball lo..

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hong Kee Egg Tart - Ipoh

Ipoh - What you think of when someone say IPOH? Leng lui? Nga Choy Kai? Dim Sum? Anything come to your mind will do... Egg Tart definitely cant be missed out.. Heard there are few nice egg tart stalls around Ipoh.. The best heard is from Becham (I still cant find my way there), 2nd is the Simee (yet still lost my way there) and the most familiar to me is Hong Kee.. Located nearby Ipoh Old Town..

Old Town not that coffee shop name OK.. Old Town means Pekan Lama... If you are ipoh lang, sure you will know Super Kinta... and nearby Super Kinta there is a row of shop selling praying materials... Yup.. This Hong Kee is located at the corner lot of the shop.. For you info, Super Kinta close down few years ago..

One bite of the kaya swiss roll and one bite of the egg tart.. wow... so good.... Remember do dropby.. But must be early OK if you dont want have disappointment...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Koon Kee Wan Tan Mee - Petaling Street

Recently Jalan Sultan Demolish topic very hot... Not sure what is the exact status until now.. Hope its wont accept the heritage...

Koon Kee Wan Tan Mee located at Petaling Street or another name is Chinatown... I think this stall already more than 20 years there as now operate by 2nd generation... 15 years ago when I'm still in college, this wan tan mee accompany me many of my lunch... So I definitely will dine at this stall if I go Petaling Street during day time...

Simple and yet doesnt seems clean...
But consist of the stall owner hardwork to cook one delicious wan tan mee

Look simple but super delicious..


This is how the stall look like...
Dont let the outlook frighten you !!
Just walk in and order one Wan Tan Mee..
Taste it then definitely you will love it...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Doraemon World 2012 Genting Highlands

Date - 01/02/2012
Venue - Areana of Stars , Genting Highland
Time - 10.00am to 10.00pm
Theme - Doraemon World 2012 Genting Highland

Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Takeshi, Suneo - Sound familiar? Yeah yeah !! Watch Doraemon cartoon since kid... Its my all time favourite... How can I miss the chance to meet them in person? Lol.. So head up to hill and be near with them... I so excited..

Entrance fees cost me RM35.00 plus one limited edition Touch n Go (TnG) card.. yeah.. This Doraemon Card is one my reason I must go to Doraemon World 2012 at Genting .... If you are Genting Cardholder, will be pre-loaded RM5.00 lo..

 Cool? The very limited edition Touch n Go Doraemon Card !!

I arrived at around 11.00am.. Since its Wednesday - Wilayah holiday , so not much people... So lucky.. Yet still there is waiting time.. This is due to the carnival separate in few section and the first section need tour guide... I waited about half n hour then its my turn... Yeah...

 Giant Doraemon at main entrance ! Yeah !!

Entering the imagination world !!

All the Doraemon characters will accompany you while waiting for you turn !!
Queuing never been so boring !!

Opps !! Doraemon kissing me??
Or I'm stealing his kiss?

Entering the first section which is the replica of the Doraemon's gang house like Nobita bedroom, Nobita dining room and Suneo living room.. At this section, there is a tour guide bring us around and explain to us some of the little info... If you want to snap picture, must be fast as there only few minutes then the light will be off... So just point and shoot...
  Opppsss.. I'm in the comic book !!

Comic World !!
Am I become smaller? Why the book bigger than me?

The door lead me to the better world !!

Off light !! Nobita Dining Room !!

Nobita Bedroom !!
Doraemon come of from the table !!

Whos house?? ermmm !!!
Where is Doraemon???
Why Nobita sit so far from Shizuka?

Time Machine that can bring you to any world you want?
Can I go back to Ming and Ching Dynasty?
How about go to 21/12/2012 to see whether really The End of The World as per Mayan calendar stated?

 The perfect match !!
When will I get mine?
When is my fate arrive?

Siapa ni? The only mascot for the day !!

Nobita father and mother !!
Eh !! Why I senget?
But I look so slim in this picture !! lol...

 So funny !!

This should be the exact size for my little Doraemon !!
Little Doraemon in the town !!

This is my favourite because when exam sure get A ..
Use this slice of bread copy a page of book and eat, then can remember all the things...
Doesnt need to read book...
Great great great !!
Can I have it in this real world?

Time Machine !!
I want I want I want !!

All the Mascot performing at 1pm, 5pm and 8pm..
Only those lucky able to snap picture with them...
Am I the lucky one?

RM1288.00 for this giant Doraemon !!

This carnival only until 5th February 2012... So if got chance, do head up the hill !!
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