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Monday, February 20, 2012

Hong Kee Egg Tart - Ipoh

Ipoh - What you think of when someone say IPOH? Leng lui? Nga Choy Kai? Dim Sum? Anything come to your mind will do... Egg Tart definitely cant be missed out.. Heard there are few nice egg tart stalls around Ipoh.. The best heard is from Becham (I still cant find my way there), 2nd is the Simee (yet still lost my way there) and the most familiar to me is Hong Kee.. Located nearby Ipoh Old Town..

Old Town not that coffee shop name OK.. Old Town means Pekan Lama... If you are ipoh lang, sure you will know Super Kinta... and nearby Super Kinta there is a row of shop selling praying materials... Yup.. This Hong Kee is located at the corner lot of the shop.. For you info, Super Kinta close down few years ago..

One bite of the kaya swiss roll and one bite of the egg tart.. wow... so good.... Remember do dropby.. But must be early OK if you dont want have disappointment...


  1. I'll definitely remember to try this out if I happen to be on a makan trip to Ipoh. I heard Ipoh sells famous taufufa also, what mountain one :P

  2. I've not been to ipoh like for decades dy... :(


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