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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Koon Kee Wan Tan Mee - Petaling Street

Recently Jalan Sultan Demolish topic very hot... Not sure what is the exact status until now.. Hope its wont accept the heritage...

Koon Kee Wan Tan Mee located at Petaling Street or another name is Chinatown... I think this stall already more than 20 years there as now operate by 2nd generation... 15 years ago when I'm still in college, this wan tan mee accompany me many of my lunch... So I definitely will dine at this stall if I go Petaling Street during day time...

Simple and yet doesnt seems clean...
But consist of the stall owner hardwork to cook one delicious wan tan mee

Look simple but super delicious..


This is how the stall look like...
Dont let the outlook frighten you !!
Just walk in and order one Wan Tan Mee..
Taste it then definitely you will love it...


  1. looks good there. now if only i know the exact location may drop by XD

    oh its in jalan sultan? PJ area?

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  2. too bad i dun like the water-cooked dumpling. =( taste weird!

    i prefer the one fried! lol

  3. this is the most famous one around petaling street! :D even my parents used to go there when they were young

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  4. sui kao! So long tak makan dat dy!

  5. I used to study at the college located in Petaling Street but I never noticed this shop. The Wan Tan Mee looks so delicious. Yummy yummy!

  6. Tried once with my friends.. very nice! Just the place slightly hot due to the cooker!


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