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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Langkap Pau

Long long time ago, I told my friend about Langkap Pau... he keep chasing me about this one.. without photo, I hardly explain to him and he also hardly understand... back to home on Chinese New Year, specially dropby this foodcourt at Gunung Rapat and ordered one Langkap Pau...

I'm not sure whether this one origin from Langkap or not... By the way, Langkap is at Perak.. Its located in between Kampar and Teluk Intan... There are many flavour such as redbean, kaya, pandan, chocolate and so on and so fort..

My choice as the picture above, is Pumpkin... Frankly speaking, I cant taste the pumpkin.. a bit like eating "mantau"... The price is RM1.00... so for me a bit expensive la.. coz a bit tasteless... what so special?? Judge yourself la...


  1. aiyo....because you mention before mah...so i mah keep chasing you lor......kakakakaka...by the way...Thanks!

  2. Never seen this pau before.
    It looks like folded comforter.

  3. First time I saw such thing. Interesting

  4. i realized this is 'food blog' eh.
    I like kaya type the most... in love with kaya man tou.
    pumpkin? wondering how it tastes.


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