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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kentucky Fried Chicken - KFC

Finger Licking Good !!

This is forever my favourite.. KFC... yuhuuuuu !!!

This morning, went to KFC for breakfast... Since its breakfast set introduce, I never got the chance to try it out.. Got a coupon for the set RM3.90 and normal price is RM5.90.. so why not give it a try right??... yeah yeah....

The burger not that big... a bit small than the normal size... but for breakfast.. I think more than enough.. there is a choice for coffee or tea.. free refill also... I arrive quite late.. about 10.45am.. so I dont have a chance to refill already... the breakfast set end at 11.00am.. where after that the normal set will start...

Among all the fast foods, KFC is my favourite since I was a kid... simply the best... I had try all their menu.. and almost most of them I like it.. whenever there is new menu... I definitely so excited to try it out.... hehe...

(Spicy - my favourite is "ORIGINAL")

(Latest menu - cheezy fries)

Forever KFC... yuhuuuuuu !!!


  1. Never try their breakfast menu. KFC tastes great but too oily. Well, I'm not young anymore. He...He...

  2. kfc is many people's fav meal. be it young or old, it does entice people to eat there. there's one just near my hse, very tempting each time but the pricing is quite high nowadays

  3. I have not tried their breakfast yet...
    But I normally skip breakfast wan...

  4. the breakfast burger seems great!
    how was it?


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