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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ballzaction - Sphereing - Titiwangsa Lake

Went to Sphereing at Titiwangsa Lake... 20 friends gather at Titiwangsa at about 9am waiting to experience this very new activity at Malaysia. So excited for it... I'm the first pair to try lo...

what is Sphereing - the ballz in action? Or another name is Zorbing... Two peoples inside the giant double layer balls and roll down hills.. Why need 2 peoples? Because of balancing... The experience is really hard to explain in word.. You need to experience yourself only know how the exactly feeling... Common reaction is screams of laughter and ending with smiles and tears of joy..

(jump in the BALLZ)

There are two ways to enjoying the ride.. WET and DRY... For wet ride, will pour in some water into the ball.. when the ballz roll down the hil.. the rider will be get wet... Dry of course wont get wet lo.. hehe....

(Before & After)

Since it is not so steep (curam).. its need people to push the Ballz down to the hill... my experience is rolling and rolling.. water and water... after about 3 rolling.. my brain asking "when will arrive? I dont want water any more".. hahaha.. The whole rolling take about 20 seconds.. the length is 60 metres...

Mr. CJ our coordinator told us.. GEMAS, newly opened their branch, the length of the route is 250 metres and 35 degrees.. and will be bouncy bouncy... that one no need people pushing the ballzz... after took this 60 m ride.. definitely will want to try that 250m... hehe...

(Get set... 1..2..3.. GO !!!!)

(getting out the ballz and laughter of joy)

Beside the Zorbing, GacGaroo - the kangaroo jump is definitely can satisfy your extreme excitement... Its not easy to balancing... but all the coordinator is super "geng"... with their guidance.. everything can be happen... About 10 minutes if guidance, you can at least walk around without any support.. seems easy?? not as you think..

Recommended source - Ballzaction - Sphereing, FirstInMalaysia

Dont wait.. go extreme !!!


  1. Sounds like fun. Will like to try one day.

  2. By the way, I tag you. Check it out

  3. Titiwangsa Lake?
    Which one?
    The one in KL???

  4. Go try... once in a lifetime at least ma... its at Titiwangsa Lake, KL...

    go check it out...

  5. I wan oso...seems like so fun~ havent try outdoor activities b4...btw canny oso join you? isnt she is ahmoian oso?

  6. hey there... dropping by ur blog...
    can i know how much is the price for gacgaroo? and for how long?
    thanks! :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. It does looks really great!



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