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Monday, February 16, 2009

BellyGOOD - Sunway

Y'day while chatting with my friend about "whatever" topic.. suddenly my friend recommend me a nice restaurant for PORK lover... wow... so out of sudden we decide to go for it as the food seems very seducing... Previously is Wendy's Bistro and now at this moment - change name to "BellyGood".. definitely a paradise for all PORK lover..

I didn't look at the menu that much as my friend already recommend me the BEST already... since my friend already decide.. already ease my headache.. hehehe... Almost 90% of the menu is PORK.. got pork chop, sausage and etc.. wow.. really nice..

(Pork Belly)

(Pork Rib and Pork Belly)

Frankly speaking, these two sets about RM25.00.. for me consider a bit expensive.. but hor.. the taste of the pork really nice lo.. the meat so tender and juicy... definitely a nice place to enjoy the PORK..

The restaurant very nice and cozy... one thing i dont like is the "Half Open Kitchen".. the air-con not that cool and the hot air blowing out from the kitchen really spoilt the whole environment.. If not then will be more perfect..

Difinitely will go again as I wanna try others in the Menu and i got RM10.00 voucher.. hehehe...

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  1. Hey, I notice your dates were all wrong. You post this today, which is on 20.2.09 but the date appear in your blog is 16.2.09


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