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Monday, February 23, 2009

Tenji Japanese Restaurant (Closed)

Venue : Tenji Japanese Restaurant
Date 22.02.2009
Place : SOHO KL, Solaris Mont Kiara
Purpose : Gathering and new food hunting
Peoples : Jane, Elvies, Carmen, Candy, Frentzen and last but not least ME

Received forwarded email about this new place... Its been long waiting for me to visit this place.. Since last year December, after saw the email, and with promotions on goin.. really hard to book for a place... Saw few blogs and seems very interesting... Peoples are comparing this TENJI with JOGOYA... hmmm.... some said better some said worst... I never been to "J" so very hard to imagine...

Before I went to this Tenji, I really feel excited and put a high hope on it.. because everyone said TENJI is better and more worthy than JOGOYA.... really lo... "TOO HIGH HOPE COMES WITH BIG DISAPPOINTMENT"... after spend my 4 hours at TENJI.. I dont feel want to go there anymore... its super duper not worth the price I paid for.. and dont mention "J".. even I think SHOGUN is much better...

(Chocolate Fondue - Are this Japanese food?)

(Varieties of desert - WOW)

(Tiramisu - yummy)

(Assorted sashimi, sushi and tempura)

Beside those well-prepared food and you can take as many as you can.. there are some food you need to order and the waitress/waiter will send it to your table... how? Just put a number clip at the food you want to order... then the food will be send to your table accordingly to the number clip you put.... food will serve about 15 minutes....


(Spicy Miso Soba)

(Not sure this name)

(Mini Prawn)

(Salmon Roll)

(Assorted Steam Fish)

(Siu Pak Choy)

Beside the OYSTER.. I dont think this japanese restaurant worthy for me to re-visit again... Frankly speaking, the oyster really as big as my hand palm lo.... I dont think even "J" can find it.. the normal "chawamushi" its not available.. what a big disappointment for me.. the basic basic "a must" at japanese menu... haihz...

(Assorted fruits - love melon)

(Delicious coconut - 9 lo.. )

There is few sections available, Japanese, Chinese, Western and Dessert.. but overall the food really nothing much choice... The main is Japanese but compare to Shogun or Saisaki.. Tenji definitely not the choice lo... I love tenpayaki.. but their tenpayaki really make me headache.. haihzz... another disappointment la.. and and... no GREENTEA ice-cream. and GreenTea.. apa lah... Japanese Restaurant wor... haihz..

Overall, OK and so so only.. not so grand and so hu ha as mention in the forward email... anyway.. I got nice gathering with my friends.. hehehe....


  1. I seen this restaurant a few times in other bloggers' site. Nice food as usual

  2. I wanted to go there for Valentines dinner but there were fully booked ler...

  3. hmmm....the food looks delicious wor....


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