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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine 2009

Wishing everyone Happy Valentine Day !!!...

Went to Pyramid and hang around there for almost a day... saw many couple around... some girls holding a bonquet of flower... i'm thinking.. why the girls want to bring along the flower?? many said, the boys bought it at the MALL ma.. so have to bring together... hmmmm.... orelse wanna show off???? hahaha.....

Why everyone want to celebration Valentine Day?? other day cannot be Valentine day?? only at Valentine Day can eat better, give present, or buy flower??? Why need to spend so much at Valentine?? Normal day RM2.00 per rose - nobody buy.... but at Valentine RM20 per rose also got people buy.... what for??? I really cannot see the important to celebrate valentine...

If the couple love each other.. everyday also a Valentine... hahaha..... sorry... my own thinking only...


  1. Every year I didnt celebrated valentine day...eventhought already married, buy flowers, buy presents, eating a candles dinner...this sure things actually can celebrate everytime everyday you like...If celebrated in a actual day...sure the shoppies will full in the pocket loh....heheh

  2. 1 more things....nw economy is not really good...better save more money for future...or maybe can cook a simply dishes at home with your lover...actually valentine day just a romans feeling to the couples...what you done to him/her sure will feel sweet in heart...think some ideas can romans together without using any $$..hahhaha

  3. I agree with you. Valentine's Day had been commercialized

  4. valentine's day has been so commercialised till everything went sky rocketed to space. we have been taken advantage but the most still spend tho on a less modest scale


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