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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Petaling Street - Seng Kee Restaurant

Heard a lots of this claypot "lou shu fun" at PJ St... But personally never been to the restuarant for any type of food.. saw it at "HO CHAK" tooo..

So since today i'm goin to PUDURAYA to buy ticket to going back GOPENG next week.. y dont i dropby this famous food that win majority's heart...

At the restaurant, i saw the Ah Po that show up at HO CHAK Program lo.. but he at there chopping the chili.. the claypot noodle not her liao..

Me and my sister order "Limau Kasturi with Asam Boi".. (sorry no photo for this)

The claypot 'LOU SHU FUN" (rat tail noodle) full with pork mince meat and an egg.. u need to "KACAU" it before eat it...

I ordered a vegie which is "CHOY TAM" stir with garlie and chinese white wine... nice taste...

all these together cost me RM28.00.. hmmm.. quite pricey for me..

Restaurant Name : Seng Kee Restaurant
Location : Jalan Sultan, PJ St.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kg. Ikan Emas - Pasar Malam

Every Thurs - Pasar Malam at Kg Ikan Emas, Cheras....
I miss the egg tart so much since my last taste... so i decide to go again and try my luck.. haih ... what a luck.. when i arrive the stall.. the boss said to me "NEED TO WAIT.. NOW I'M BAKING THE HOTDOG BUN".. i asked him "NEED TO WAIT HOW LONG THEN?".. he didn't heard me.. then i stand there for few minutes and tot of get one hotdog bun... haih again... i cannot compete with all ladies.. so i gave up and walked away.. told myself "BETTER BE EARLY NEXT TIME"...

So i bought the following food which are very yummy also and importanly cheap ah..... hahaha...

(Karipap - RM0.50 each - as big as the kilometrico pen - full filling inside)

(Popiah - RM0.50 each - yummy)

(Durian - RM10.00 for alll - according to the Sales Person, its D24 wor)

even though my main goal is to get the EGG TART.. but but these foods also consider satisfy la.. kekeke..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pregnant Man !!

Hmmm.. what a title.. !! this word flash to my mind when i open Yahoo and browse down the page at the TOP SEARCH column.. such an interesting topic.. due to my curiosity, i click on it to see what news will bump out... there are many many sites pop out at the result pages.. Mainly on about THOMAS BEATIE.. who is HE? or SHE? why this person stories rank top search? ok ok.. let's scroll down for a little intro about this person..

Thomas Beatie, 34, from Oregon, a transgendered man gave birth a baby girl (Susan Juliette) by caesarean on 3rd July 2008. He was marry to Nancy, 45, who not able to pregnant due to hysterectory. Beatie who formerly known as Tracy LaGondino is legally male was once competed at Miss Teen USA pageant represent Hawaii..

Beatie was born as female become a man in his 20s. He is merely a woman who lives on the outside as male but everything on the inside is female. He kept his internal female reproductive organs.

Beatie and Nancy decide to have complete family so decide to have their own children. Beatie had stopped taking his testosterone injections and started getting periods again after eight year break. Used a donor's sperm and Beatie's egg to get pregnant through artificial insemination.

There are many people comment on this issue whether the couple want to create publicity or haox? at first, many ppl tot Thomas Beatie is naturally a MALE.. so definitely this story can hit due to ppl curiosity on a MAN / MALE get pregnant?? wow.. but in fact the truth still out there.. a female did a transition to male and get pregnant.. where HE is naturally born as a SHE.. so not a big deal where Beatie got pregnant...

Some did comment that why HE want to get pregnant whereby the couple can adopt a children.. this is much easy and without goin into all the -hu-ha-.. coz the Beatie's baby girl also not originate from Beatie and Nancy... hmmmmm.. deep thought of this.. at least SUSAN is Beatie's baby.. if adopt.. totally not belongs to the couple lo.. right?

Anyway. some ppl do comment on the health matter for Beatie's pregnancy.. If the mother's body is full of testostorone which is extremely harmful for the baby girl.. when the baby girl are exposed to excessive amount of testostorone as fetuses, the baby girl can be affected sexually and physcologically. the baby girl are usually born with masscriline or adroginouse genitallia (usually corrected through surgery). the baby girl often have male characteristics like excessive facial hair, deep voices, masculin body (height, broad shoulder..).. Even have hard time with gender identity..

want more? pls do ur own searching... i think just another person want to create publicity la.. hehe..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Juseleeno's Prediction for 18th July 2008

Since ever received a forward email from my colleague about Mr. Juseleeno's prediction, I'm always be-waiting of his nearer prediction to see whether will happen or not.. The nearest incident of his prediction was 18th July which is an big earthquake at Philippines where thousand will die.. hmm.. Today is 23rd July 2008 and nth disaster reported yet.. hopefully nth will happen.. (touch wood touch wood).. another coming soon prediction will be an earthquake in Japan which will cause 30+ metres high tsunami.. month of July still havent end, so Philippine and Japan ppl should beaware of the possibility that this disaster will happen..
I do pray hard these wont happen....
searching through internet about this prediction, really nothing further information about Mr. Juseleeno.. whereas all ppl discussing about this prediction in their own blogs.. really wonder whether this guy exist or not? Or just some hoax behind it? if really a hoax, what the reason behind it?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tony Leung & Carina Lau - Wedding

Tony Leung, 46 and Carina Lau, 42 is officially marry as Husband and Wife at Kingdom of Bhutan on 21st July 2008. Their 19 years of relationship finally blossom in a flower garden.. hehe..

Reported their wedding cost them 38 wedding tables, 38 party tables, HK50K per nite presidential suite for a week, HK200K for wedding cake, HK1mil for a dowry, HK2mil for the diamond ring and HK300K for the Honeymoon at Europe. (no wonder Tony need so long to marry Carina as cost him so huge.. haha)

The guests list are Carina best "jiemei" - NaYing and Faye Wong, Faye's Hubby Li YaPeng, actress - Brigitte Lin, director - Wong KaWai and Stanley Kwan. All these guests was flew by two private jets to Bhutan.

Carina wish to have a peaceful wedding and wanted to keep away from Paparazzi so Bhutan is the best place as the entrance security quite tight for media. Here u go.. Carina waiting for this moment so long, of course dont wish anyone to screw up the party.. really feel she is happily ever after.. Congrat and wish u both happy 4ever..

Tony's so young.. compare to Carina even though Tony is 4 years elder than Carina.. The wedding photos really unique and different from others.. Normally celebrity wish to have very grand ceremony and choose awesome place such as Maritiaus, Europe to get marry.. But Tony and Carina choose Himalaya for their wedding and the photos is like traditional.. really special.. good..
Happy Marriage.. !!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Google Adsense - my 1st earning

GOOGLE Adsense.. i just start bloging not long ago.. i think about few months.. and sign up few site to try whether bloging can earn money or not thru advertisement.. I just try and error as i'm not sure how its work.. and my methods of choosing the thing correct or not..

I just keep on blogging and i'm not really bother to check on the earning a/c.. so happen today quite free at office and login to my google adsense a/c.. and saw $0.24 in the earning a/c.. wow.. i really nv tot of this also.. hmm.. such a good start to me...

When i first look at the a/c report.. i'm telling myself.. is it true on the amount? belongs to me? hmmm.. that doesn't matter.. as long as it not $0.00 already.. ahaha...

Thanks to the person who actually click on it and give me $0.24 this amt.. :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hair Cut

I went to hair cut y'day.. this is the 1st time i had my cut at this saloon.. my frenz introduce and i just go and try... Normally i cut my hair when i back to hometown.. coz i found KL saloon.. non of my taste.. I wanna try to cut short of my front 9forehead) part of my hair.. i really wanna to try and its a trend now.. hehe..
hehe... seems doesn't suit me.. nvm nvm la. just try try.. may be will try to enhance the cut later.. coz actually this is not the one i wish to cut.. nvm.. good try anyway.. hehe

Monday, July 14, 2008

Blue Monday !!

Today really a blue monday !!

Not enough sleep over these few days.. now eye like PANDA !! oh gosh !! plenty of research and report ahead me.. OMG !!

Imagine.. Friday nite went out have a drink with ex-colleagues and back home at 4.30am Saturday.. online till 5.45am and the sleep... woke up 11.00am due to some irritating call bump in.. sigh !! then awake for whole day and sleep at 2.00am Sunday.. woke up 10.30 am.. then 12.30am Monday sleep.. everyday seems like 6 hours sleeping only.. argghh !! I NEED 10 HOURS (MIN) to sleep...

Pls Pls Pls.. get off the PC and DVD from me.. huh !!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Monorail !! Monorail !!

Y'day is Monday (07/07/2008) .. I'm late to office for about one and the half hour (1 1/2).. yeah yeah.. This is because.. i stuck at the monorail station for more than 2 hours.. yeah yeah yeah.. i almost get crazy and start to be impatient..

I arrive at Monorail station Hang Tuah at 8am.. want to go Raja Chulan Station (which will stop at Wisma Genting)..

haihzz.. lazy to elaborate la..

just post the photo enough la..

(Ppl try to squeez in the train)
(every ppl pushing here and there try to get a plce in it)
(aunty calling somebody said - train jammed and packed.. will later later)
(ppl stand till almost fall down lo)
(i snap this from opposite track - ppl stand so out like dont scare fall down)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Egg Tart, Pasar Malam

Since i couldn't get at least an egg tart from my previous stop at Pasar Malam, Kg. Ikan Emas, Cheras.. I tot of drop there again for the egg tart..

I'm not sure how good it is for the tart.. as my previous stop at that Pasar Malam, i arrived there around 8.30pm.. but the tart totally sold out.. and many ppl queueing up for it.. so i tot why not i go there early and may be my luck will be better..
hmmm.. its fresh bake from oven directly from there... so definitely a very freshie egg tart.. and wow.. its hot hot hot.. !! the taste is so good.. yummy.. definitely.. will be there for the tart again..

I bought half dozen and cost me RM4.40.. so i think worthy for the penny.. difinitely a thumb up..

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kuala Gandah, Pahang

Went to Deer and Elephant Farm at Kuala Gandah on 29th June 2008.. The trip organize by Berjaya Sport Club.. I'm not a Berjaya staff but thank to my sister.. she is.. Berjaya staff and their sport club member...

Since the place quite ulu ulu and seems like no chance for myself to go.. y not to join the trip.. RM70.00 include everything.. two refreshment and a light lunch.. a day trip..

1st refreshment is morning breakfast - sandwich and milo..

2nd refreshment is afternoon tea (while heading back to kl - bye bye to elephant farm) - Pop corn and mineral water..

3rd light lunch is at elephant farm - normal Malay food..

The Deer and Elephant Farm is good for children especially those live in concrete world where no chance for them to see the real animal.. At the farm, you can upclose and personal with all the animals there such as Honey Bear.. yeah yeah.. little baby bear and as tall as me.. burung unta (in english dunno how to spell), rabbit, deer, elephant and few others (not sure the name)... Better than ZOO and SAFARI..

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