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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tony Leung & Carina Lau - Wedding

Tony Leung, 46 and Carina Lau, 42 is officially marry as Husband and Wife at Kingdom of Bhutan on 21st July 2008. Their 19 years of relationship finally blossom in a flower garden.. hehe..

Reported their wedding cost them 38 wedding tables, 38 party tables, HK50K per nite presidential suite for a week, HK200K for wedding cake, HK1mil for a dowry, HK2mil for the diamond ring and HK300K for the Honeymoon at Europe. (no wonder Tony need so long to marry Carina as cost him so huge.. haha)

The guests list are Carina best "jiemei" - NaYing and Faye Wong, Faye's Hubby Li YaPeng, actress - Brigitte Lin, director - Wong KaWai and Stanley Kwan. All these guests was flew by two private jets to Bhutan.

Carina wish to have a peaceful wedding and wanted to keep away from Paparazzi so Bhutan is the best place as the entrance security quite tight for media. Here u go.. Carina waiting for this moment so long, of course dont wish anyone to screw up the party.. really feel she is happily ever after.. Congrat and wish u both happy 4ever..

Tony's so young.. compare to Carina even though Tony is 4 years elder than Carina.. The wedding photos really unique and different from others.. Normally celebrity wish to have very grand ceremony and choose awesome place such as Maritiaus, Europe to get marry.. But Tony and Carina choose Himalaya for their wedding and the photos is like traditional.. really special.. good..
Happy Marriage.. !!

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