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Friday, July 25, 2008

Kg. Ikan Emas - Pasar Malam

Every Thurs - Pasar Malam at Kg Ikan Emas, Cheras....
I miss the egg tart so much since my last taste... so i decide to go again and try my luck.. haih ... what a luck.. when i arrive the stall.. the boss said to me "NEED TO WAIT.. NOW I'M BAKING THE HOTDOG BUN".. i asked him "NEED TO WAIT HOW LONG THEN?".. he didn't heard me.. then i stand there for few minutes and tot of get one hotdog bun... haih again... i cannot compete with all ladies.. so i gave up and walked away.. told myself "BETTER BE EARLY NEXT TIME"...

So i bought the following food which are very yummy also and importanly cheap ah..... hahaha...

(Karipap - RM0.50 each - as big as the kilometrico pen - full filling inside)

(Popiah - RM0.50 each - yummy)

(Durian - RM10.00 for alll - according to the Sales Person, its D24 wor)

even though my main goal is to get the EGG TART.. but but these foods also consider satisfy la.. kekeke..

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