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Monday, July 14, 2008

Blue Monday !!

Today really a blue monday !!

Not enough sleep over these few days.. now eye like PANDA !! oh gosh !! plenty of research and report ahead me.. OMG !!

Imagine.. Friday nite went out have a drink with ex-colleagues and back home at 4.30am Saturday.. online till 5.45am and the sleep... woke up 11.00am due to some irritating call bump in.. sigh !! then awake for whole day and sleep at 2.00am Sunday.. woke up 10.30 am.. then 12.30am Monday sleep.. everyday seems like 6 hours sleeping only.. argghh !! I NEED 10 HOURS (MIN) to sleep...

Pls Pls Pls.. get off the PC and DVD from me.. huh !!

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