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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am Number FOUR - Nuffnang

I got I am Number Four free movie pass from Nuffnang... Movie date : 01/03/2011. Movie time : 9.30pm. Movie venue : cathay cineplax..

Question asked as below :-

what superpower you would have if you were an alien sent to Earth?

Answered as below :-

I always like Superman as my superhero. So if I can have superpower, I wish to have power than can cooling the earth temperature. As global warming is increasing, many efforts has been done but seems just slowing down the warming but its doesnt stop there. So I hope I can descrese the earth temperature power or freeze back the iceberg that is melting.

My 2nd free movie from Nuffnang.. Thanks...

But can next time the cinema at KL like Mid Valley or Pavillion?? hehe.. The Curve too far for me lo..

Will it be "I am number Four" sequel?


  1. Nice comment and you deserve to win the tickets! XD didn't get to meet you =D

  2. so syok u all! get the ticket! LOL

  3. I saw you lining up! But you didn't recognize me ):

  4. LOL I SAW U! Yah . . . the person who stand beside me is Hilda! =P Not Sherry

  5. wow! you guys are cool >W< get a chance to win tickets >w<


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