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Monday, March 7, 2011

Rock Delight Cafe (Closed)

This cafe so call BERJAYA CANTEEN by my sister and I.. this is because this Rock Delight Cafe will be full of Berjaya Staff during lunch time.. Its one of my favourite cafe at Berjaya Times Square... Great..

Its tasty.. Its worth of price.. Its supersize.. If you happen at times square.. drop your leg there.. Definitely you will give a thumb ups...

Belacan Chilli - remember request for it

MeeHoon Cantonese Fried - RM7.50

Fish MeeHoon - RM8.50

This cafe located at 3rd floor - opposite the SUBWAY !! remember the location lo.. okok...

1 comment:

  1. i always have trouble looking for food in times square.. normally will ended up at fast food. Ok thanks for the introduction, i hope the next time i go KL, the cafe is still exist ! ehehe


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