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Friday, March 27, 2009

Rainbow Waterfall

Date : 01.03.2009
Time : 6.00am

After a hectic day on 28th Feb 2009, everyone went to bed very early and really had a deep sleep.. Because on 1st Mar, everyone need to wake up at early morning to get prepared by 6.00am... Y need to wake up so early?? The journey from Sg Lembing Town to Waterfall took about 1 1/2 hours.. and this is by 4 wheels..

(R u sure this is 4 wheel?)

The road mainly like the picture above and only fit to one vehicle.. if opposite side got another vehicle.. I also not sure how both driver goin to adjust?... Since it is a deep forest (imagine drive 1 1/2 hours - not consider deep forest ah??) so many trees and branches along the road.. and I sit at outside, always kena slap by those leaves lo... so pain..

(So excited but only half way stop-by)

(our seat !! one row 4 ppls and got about 5 rows)

After he he ha ha from dark to bright and after a long long 1 1/2 hours, finally finally finally, arrived at the entrance of the trail to Rainbow Waterfall.... another 45 mins to go...

I took almost 5 minutes to across this river... why? simple.. there are many small / big rocks at the bottom so its not even.. If not bkful, once fall down.. my clothes wet already is not a big deal.. but my CAMERA lo.. that's is most important... phew !!~!!! luckily..

(I feel relieve but still shaking !!)

starting the traile will be as picture above.. rocky type... as this is the ending of the waterfall.. as its goes.. normal forest trekking trail started.. neeed to climb abit and with assistant of the trees root.. The waterfall is very high.. so we keep going up and up and up.. really tired lo my leg...

Oh.. one important note is.. better dont wear sport shoes.. yayaya.. normally trekking prefer sport shoes ma.. but this trail got a lots of Leeches... so better wears tight sandal.. for those trekking use de.. better.. my group got a lots of ppl bite by leeches.. even we really very be caution but yet... the leeches is smarter than us....

finally arrived already.... wow.... the waterfall so high... and not so much of water... very cooling and the wind blowing very nice.... the main purpose is to watch RAINBOW... if lucky.. coz must need enough sunlight.... the best time is before 10.00am... after 10.00am, you must go near the waterfall only can see the rainbow..

Not my luck as so cloudy.. so not enough sunlight to create the RAINBOW reflection.. and one lucky thing is after about 10 mins, out of sudden without everyone notice, the RAINBOW appear.. so everyone shouting 'RAINBOW RAINBOW'.. so faster faster take out camera and snap the rainbow...

(not so obvious - snap by normal digital camera)

luckily i manage to help my sister to take the rainbow photo but she unable to help me take and the RAINBOW disappear... its too fast.. Y Y Y the cloudy is there?? sigh.... but I still satisfy la.. at least I so hard wake up so early and climb so far.. I still manage to see it... Nature is so GREAT...

P/S : : : All the duration (time) is estimation and told by guide.. coz along the journey I was too excited and forgot to see my watch.. hehehe..

My whole journey for Sg Lembing trip.. ended already... will be posting some nice foods from Sg Lembing later or soon.. hehehe..


  1. wow... i miss the rainbow waterfall!! but anyway will go there again... =)

  2. Looks like a worthwhile visit here with all those travelling condition one had to endure. Saw the rainbow thoug :)

  3. wow. i like the last 2 pictures...
    they are like paintings...

  4. it great! joanne....thanks for sharing the picture....I love tht beautiful rainbow waterfall..muakkk


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