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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pregnant Recipe

Today my colleague shared with me her pregnant recipe... She told me that few peoples tried also got good effect... I'm also not sure la.. just share share at here lo..

"Bak Chan".. this herb soup is for women one.. This recipe required you to drink 3 times "Bak Chan"..

1st one - After "P" clear... the next day (Day 1 "P" clear), boil this "Bak Chan" to drink... 4 bowls water boil till 1 bowl water... ok.. The best drink is at the MORNING before breakfast.. Then using back the "Bak Chan" .. put 1 1/2 (one and the half) bowls to reboil into about 3/4 (three quarter) bowls and drink it at Night...

2nd one - (Day 3 "P" clear).. using same boiling methods as above...

3rd one - Day 15 from the 1st day of "P".... meaning if the "P" start is at 01/01/09 so 15/01/09 u have to drink this "Bak Chan" for the 3rd time lo.. ok.. Boiling methods same as above..

So repeat again for the next month and next month and next month ok.. so one month you only need to drink 3 times only.. understood.. hehehe...

Happy Trying !!! All the best !!!


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