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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A little that meant to me !!

Its might not meant for many of you... But this little facts, give me little courage... Yup.. its just a small potato firgure.. But from average 20+ views per day and keep at 40+ views per day as at now.. Really happy to see it..

OMG !! so little views per day still need to shout? Well, initially I'm started to blogging is mainly for share my experience in life... I like travel, food and photograping.. Blog world is a place for me to share and jot down the special moment... Its memorable for me...

Thanks for everyone who dropping by... Thanks thanks thanks....


  1. whoa so many huhuhu :P

    add oil ok? more foody please XD

  2. I used to register a few visitors too in the past. Never give up

  3. awww. keep blogging and i'll keep reading. :)


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